Custom Instrumental or Jingle....Simply $5


Hey Everyone!

We don’t see many women in the Hip Hop world, and every year, so many talented young females are looked over. As the passionate, young CEO of LiteShado Productions, I am here to change the boardroom politics one beat at a time.

I’ve been writing and producing since the age of 10 years old. I love all genres of music, with Hip Hop and R&B being my area of expertise.

Fiverr is a GREAT platform for reaching out to an entirely new market for me, which is why I would like to offer my services to this community.

For only $5, I am willing to create 3 custom instrumentals. I feel that this is an awesome opportunity for an upcoming artists and DJs to add necessary music to their catalogs.

My maximum turnaround time is 2 days, and I look forward to the challenge of creating new sounds for all of my customers!

Click the link ( ) for more information. Let’s Make Music Together!!