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Custom investment/retirement portfolios

Hello everyone! My name is Kyle, I am a business student, accounting intern, going into asset management. I absolutely love the world of finance! I love numbers, spreadsheets, and accounting.

I made a gig for custom investment/retirement portfolios. I love investing in the stock market, and wanted to share my passion with all of you as a gig.

Simply answer the questions about your retirement goals, and investment/financial preferences, and I will create a custom portfolio for you to invest in. (On the M1 Finance platform)

With the standard package, I will also create a spreadsheet along with the portfolio, which will give you projections for your investments growth. Using the historical annual return, and depending on your investment contributions, it will forecast your portfolios value, each month, and each year. It will also show you around when you will be able to retire.

With the premium package, I will do everything mentioned before, AND create a second spreadsheet, doing the same thing as the other, except using the projected rate of return of your custom portfolio, so you can have an even more exact idea of when you will retire. Also, I will create graphs to help visualize your projected investment growth.

Since I am just getting started, I decided to lower the prices quite a bit, so I can build a reputation for myself. Please check it out! Investing is so beyond important.