Custom Label For Orders


IDK if anyone else has the same thought, however i think it would be great if Fiverr can introduce custom label for orders. basically, what i’m talking about is the feature that will make it possible for sellers to simple label each order with something memorable and that can help to quickly identify and differentiate orders.

This will be extremely useful for users with multiple orders and we that offer long term services.


they did implement a note system on all open orders. you do know about that, right?

I know it’s not a label, but it’s similar. but you still have to open the actual order from your dashboard in order to see it.


Having to open the order before seeing it is the big issue i’m trying to avoid. How about the option to quickly add a label that can reflect in front of the buyer’s name?

maybe something like this…

let’s say i ordered your gig and you have the option to add a label that sticks in front of my username.

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