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Custom message signatures?


Apologies if this has been suggested before, though I can’t find it, but I was wondering whether it might be a cool/helpful feature to let us make a custom signature template that automatically applies to our messages to buyers/sellers? I’m thinking it could work like it does on Outlook, where you can have multiple different signatures and then choose which one to apply in your message as default.

It wouldn’t be a groundbreaking feature - it’d just save me having to manually type “Kind regards, David” at the end of every single message. And yes, I get that I don’t have to leave a signature, but I like to do it to keep an air of professionalism with my messages, so being able to have one automatically apply would just save me maybe 5 seconds of my life with each message. And I mean each message - not just new/first enquiries.

It would also be handy if you could make multiple templates/signatures depending on, for example, if you were going on holiday. Like, if you were on holiday but still responding to messages on the app (to keep your response rate up) it’d save you a lot of time and hassle if you didn’t have to type something to the effect of “Please be aware I am currently on holiday between the x of y and the x of y so I am unable to take on any extra work, but I will get back to you blah blah blah” every single time you get a new message. Or if it was around Christmas you could have a Christmas specific one.

Or idk - am I the only one who puts a signature at the end of each message and thinks it’d be handy? That said, I’m aware that the “quick response” feature exists, it’d just be handy as a separate feature. Maybe.


I use Text Blaze extension for chrome. It’s making my life easier by assigning shortcut to custom message. I’m not sure if it’s relevant enough for you.


You just solved some problems for me. You get an :a: