Custom Notification Sound


Hi everyone,
I’m Adib, Level 1 seller of loving platform fiverr. I feel something about notification sound of fiverr that’s custom sound. sometimes i miss notification for small sound beep, if i can set a custom sound so i can choose a music, tone, sound effect for notification. Can i get this options from loving developer of fiverr???

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Can we talk about that terrible alert sound?

“Sounds” like a good idea … especially with Available Now!


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Yes i agree with you, Hope fiverr developer team add custom Notification sound in next update :slight_smile:


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Using android you can change the notification sound as far as I can remember.


yeah! even to the android and ios apps too! :smiley:


Agree with you Sometimes i used fiverr and listening songs :smiley: + work
then I miss notification for small sound beep :smiley:
I agree with you brother :wink:


Thanks a lot for agree with me. :heart_eyes:


Thanks for share your opinion… :sunglasses:


Thanks for share your opinion… :sunglasses:


Definitely a good idea… especially for use with Available Now.


A loud ring would be great!..I think


It’s: Thanks a lot for agreeing with me.



Thanks a lot for agreeing with me.



thanks a lot dear! …


There’s no option to change the notification sound on iOS.

However I was able to add a new type of notification so when a new order is place I hear a cha-ching! sound. :slight_smile:


cool ! how did you do that ? :smiley:


Via IFTTT and pushbullet. I just setup an applet that does that.


thats nice! its like a plug in but works.