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Custom Offer accepted twice time

I sent a custom request to my client. She accepted twice time and 2 orders were placed on 1 cutome offer.Then I asked fiverr to cancel the order and they cancel it. This is a bug I think.
But I want to know due to canceling the order through customer support effect our gigs? If it put bad effects, then due to fiverr bug I cant treat like that.

Thank you


Never heard of that bug.

It happened to me twice.

Most probably is because the client had the inboxed opened in two tabs, and he clicked on one of them, and then saw on the other tab, that the button “accept” was still there. That’s an explanation that I have got from a client.

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@gig_freak thats seem correct. But placing an order is a long process through just accepting. And for accepting twice time. It should be fixed from strong session handling or through ajax. I hope fiverr will take action for it.

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