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Custom offer, buyer not responding

Yesterday, a buyer contacted me and he said I like your gig I want you to work for me, send me your design samples. I sent the samples, he liked them and he said make a customer offer of 5$ ( my gig budget was 15) I will order your services and now he is not responding.

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Although this must feel frustrating, you cannot force buyers to accept.

As we say in England, the ball is now in their court. In other words, you’ve had a discussion with the potential buyer, you’ve sent a custom offer - you’ve done all you can. It is now up to them to choose whether or not they click on ‘accept’.

However, please don’t be tempted to chase them. If they’ve changed their mind, they could mark further messages from you as spam, and you’ll then very likely receive an account warning.

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@english_voice Thank you for replying. I have not asked him to accept, I was just waiting for his response, and yeah it is so frustrating. :unamused: It is my first time that’s why Idk how to handle these kinda situations.

Hello there, Keep in mind that Saturday or sunday are holidays in US and other European countries and wait for your client to reply as he/she may be busy.

When i started on fiverr i have gone through same experience as like you and only patience paid off. Wait for the reply and try with other buyer request.

Have a Great day

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@shofi7khan Thank you for the encouragement. Patience is the only option what else I can do.PS: my client is from Emirates ( Dubai).

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You wait for reply. Maybe he’s having a busy time.
Best of luck for you :smiley:

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