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Custom offer declined

Hey I am fairly new on fiverr. A buyer contacted me through my buyer request offer and wanted few examples created on the buyer’s attached files. The buyer liked the work I sent on the chat without any order. I sent the buyer a custom offer but after an hour the custom offer said “offer declned/offer not accepted” and haven’t gotten any reply. Did the buyer just walked away with my work without paying? Did I get abused by the buyer?


Yes and yes. Never give free work before having a contract or the buyer might think that since they have everything already, why would they bother doing anything further.

The lesson is to always make sure the buyer has accepted your offer before you do any specific work for them.


The fiverr really let the buyers abuse sellers like that? On top of that he is a top rated buyer.

Honestly, it could have been that the buyer didn’t really like the samples you sent, or yes it is possible they took your work to use without paying for it.

Either way, there wasn’t actually a contract in place and if you gave the buyer what they wanted without that contract, then they technically haven’t done the wrong thing if you gifted them with work that they never actually agreed to pay for.

Now morally, it becomes whole other story if they decide to use your work. But if you do work without a contract, there is no obligation for the buyer to pay you for what you chose to do before there was any agreement on scope or price. I’m not saying that they did use your work; perhaps they thought what you did was okay but decided to go with someone else they liked better.

The upshot is that, until the buyer accepts your offer, don’t do any work for them. They really don’t have to pay you for something you chose to gift them.

@janeeditor gave some great advice.

If you are into graphics, you can show samples of your previous work (with permission from client) or you can make some quick samples to show to prospective buyers. That should be enough. You don’t need to do some preliminary work to prove your competency.

Don’t start working on a project, unless you have a order in place.


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Fiverr can’t protect you if you don’t follow fiverr rules.
All work starts after placing an order and then fiverr can proxy you. If you decided to trust your buyer and work without order in place then it’s on you not on fiverr

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Avoid buyer who asks free sample before placing the order. If you really want to send a sample, send a sketch, watermark, or something that protects your work from getting stolen. But remember, you don’t have to work before place the order. The buyer needs to decide on your portfolio and reviews.

In fairness to Fiverr, you sent the samples and let the buyer abuse you. Fiverr didn’t.

Take some responsibility and learn from the experience. Never do work without an order in place. Scammers exist everywhere - it’s not just a Fiverr issue.


I am an artist. And if I am asked to show an example of my work or to make a small drawing before ordering, then I send a low resolution file. Or such a drawing so that it cannot be applied anywhere.
If the customer is satisfied with everything, we place an order.