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Custom Offer Expiry

A friendly tip. When you send a custom offer, you might want to set an expiry time on it. Not all offers are accepted but one may get accepted very unexpectedly MONTHS later. Don’t get caught out. :slight_smile:


100% agree - I learnt this the hard way too, and make a point of always setting an expiry. But I only learnt this within the last year or so, and have no idea how many offers are still ‘out there’…

It would be great if there were a way of quickly seeing all of your pending offers.


Yes, I’ve gone through my messages from the last 2 years and withdrawn any outstanding offers. There is no quick way, but they’re easy to spot from the message preview.


@leannelrivers what should I do if I already have sent custom offers without setting up a expiry time?

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There’s a button on them that should say “withdraw”. If you click that, it’ll stop the buyer from being able to order from that custom offer!


@krheate okay but it will have an negative impact on my account right ?

Nah, I keep 'em open. Why shouldn’t I accept a gig I posted an offer for almost a year ago?

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It will be helpful for new seller as well as old seller who didn’t face yet.

If you’re available to accept it, great. If you’re on holiday or away. Not so great. That was my point.

I didn’t want to start a big panic with this post :slight_smile: You don’t have to do anything with them if you don’t want to. But some of us have learned that an off months old and past the deadline originally stated can get accepted when we’re not available.


Nope! It won’t impact your account. It’s just in case you’re not available, and the buyer chooses then to accept the custom offer.

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