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Custom Offer for $5?

So, I thought this was an odd end to my night.

A buyer contacted me to do some work for him (this was yesterday), and I agreed to it because it’s a pretty simple job. But, he just got in touch with me again, and he wants me to send him a custom offer for this $5 job. I mean, I’m not complaining, but…

Is it really that difficult to go to the Gig page and order? Or am I just missing something here?


In my opinion, maybe he/she didn’t know what gig that suitable with his/her needs :-?
Then, it’s more comfortable to ask you to send a custom offer

yes it is very difficult, I have had many buyers tell me to give them the custom quote. They may not know how to order the gig or they may feel more comfortable giving you a fair price. at the end of the day most buyers know they are getting a deal, so this is a subliminal way I have noticed to let you actually negotiate with them so you can get a fair amount of money for the work you are doing for them. Have you ever noticed when you are typing a message to them, a pop up comes up telling you that you can earn more with a custom quote… there is a reason for this. don’t be scared to charge a little more if someone wants a “custom” quote, give it to them. if they wanted a “same” quote, they would have proceeded to place the order through the gig page you. just speaking my experiences with sellers.

Sometimes I am having a very clear, concise conversation with a potential buyer and I say, "Yes, I can do XYZ for $X. They still don’t order off my gig page. But if I send a custom order, they accept it. I guess people who need outsourced work are just overwhelmed!

xoxo Meghan
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Same here my last about 4-5 wrote me to give them the custom quote and i dont know if thats good or not. Maybe its more clear if buyers look at the gig description instead and click on buy gig. Looks like to be more and more who doing like this :frowning: