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Custom Offer - how to stop the countless revisions?


I always put 1 revision maximum for Custom Offers, and I’m not sure if I didn’t select anything this time, maybe forgot, but the buyer requested one revision, I delivered it, now another one, delivered it, but I’m tired, because the information he requested in the revisions was nothing we agreed upon. It’s just new information, additional information, tons of information and consultations, and I can’t spend a week to keep writing.

What should I do to prevent him requesting 20 more revisions, because I explained to him that it cost me a lot of time until now and he needs to place another order for more info and he still doesn’t mark it as complete.



Do the same as when you want to stop the drug dealer harassing you.

Just say no.


It’s hard, but Eoin’s right. You have to learn to say ‘no’ and be firm with it quite early on as a freelancer, or you’ll be completely taken advantage of.

The way I’ve started handling this is to say, on the last revision I offer in my original gig description (sometimes it’s one, sometimes it’s two), ‘Hello _________. I am happy to amend the changes to your order to make sure you are completely satisfied on this occasion. However, this is the last revision, as agreed upon when you placed your order. I will be happy to carry out a further ___ revisions for an extra $ __’.

It’s not always that specifically, but something similar, and it’s worked well for me so far.


@rebekahgillian is somehow right. But in most of the cases, buyers left a negative reviews for not paying attention to their harassment. At the moment, I think fiverr doesn’t have the seller protection for these types of clients. Hope fiverr will listen to the sellers report against the illegal request of the buyers sooner or later.

Now try to say “No” in positive way just like @rebekahgillian described.


Like others say, just say no. Be prepared, though, for an evil review, even if you say no as politely as possible.


Thank you all for your answers.

I saw an option to “modify the order” with the option…

Can you give us more detail on why?
The buyer requested additional work, which wasn’t in the scope of the original order

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He finished it without complications. He did request a third revision though and I answered with 1 word only. Maybe he got the picture.

Never such mistake again. Jee…

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I don’t put 1 revision in custom offers, I leave that blank. I know the client can demand revisions whether they are included or not.

It’s really a matter of luck whether you get a good or bad client, but I recommend you use your own criteria. If every time you create X for tech companies you end up with revision requests, maybe you should avoid them in the future. On the other hand, if your tobacco, alcohol, etc, clients love you, then bid away.

Also, in your custom offer, tell your clients you will not make more than 1 revision, if this is a problem. Some clients will appreciate your honesty.


Maybe he/she is your competitor. If you are harassed then you may contact CS to resolve that issue. I have done only 3-6 revisions rarely for a single client. Yes, learn to say ‘NO’.

I sometimes buy on Fiverr. I also have a bad experience with a seller who never replies after the gig has been delivered and automatically marked as completed after 3 days. I really do not want to leave a negative review. I have seen those types of seller popup and vanish in few months interval. Otherwise, most of the seller I worked with are very competent at their work.

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I think it is important to realize that many people don’t actually realize the big deal requesting a revision is. People see the button there and just click it because they have the option to. If you didn’t know better, you would probably do the same thing. This is why a professional and courteous response like @rebekahgillian has suggested is so effective. It is sensible and when people are told, they usually understand.
Remember too that there is a misconception out there that Fiverr sellers are desperate, will do anything for $5, really need the money and that the buyer can therefore keep asking for things. When you set them straight and come across professionally, this challenges all of the incorrect assumptions the buyer has and forces them to rethink.

I offer zero revisions on any gig but any time there is a reasonable request, I just do it.
If you offer revisions, it can be a good idea to define what a revision is in your delivery message. Do it in a nice way but make it clear what they can request. Color changes, font changes, etc are things that are usually acceptable revisions, asking you to change what they asked for originally is not a revision, it is a change of plan - that should cost extra.
Of course, how anyone runs their business is up to them- if you like a client for some reason, be free to do something free for them, it doesn’t mean you have to do it every time.


OK, guys and gals, problems again. He completed the order and said “See, I marked as complete”. But now is continuing to ask me questions about other things, so I don’t get my response rate dropped, I basically stay and answer.

I don’t want to be rude, but I don’t really know how to proceed with him.

I already said something like: “Hello _________. I am happy to amend the changes to your order to make sure you are completely satisfied on this occasion. However, this is the last revision, as agreed upon when you placed your order. I will be happy to carry out a further ___ revisions for an extra $ __’.” how @rebekahgillian suggested, but he doesn’t care.

He: “Okay bro, super, but tell me more. Tomorrow you will tell me more, I marked as complete, you see?”


@fastcopywriter Thanks, I will let them know I offer 0 revisions, because that’s how much I usually offer on most gigs. Additional revisions cost $5-10 but I don’t see this with the custom offer, can’t say why. I am totally okay to continue to work after getting paid but that’s not the case here.


Response rate only counts for the first message - if you never respond again it will not affect your response rate.

When someone decides to continually ask questions, suggest that they order another gig.
Say something about the fact that you do not have time to answer endless questions (in a nice way)


No, I don’t want to get that far. He just paid $50 so he probably expects me to write a whole book, so he could justify the money spent. I just need to find a way to offer a Custom Offer with the ability to pay for the revisions.

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With any order, you can add a custom extra to the order at any time - that’s how you charge for additional revisions.


First message for a specific time period, or?

And can I put a blank gig, like some of the people do, like “Tip Jar” or something and redirect them there?

Thank you!

With any order, you can add a custom extra to the order at any time - that’s how you charge for additional revisions.

Didn’t see that. Will try to find it.

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First message must be responded to within 24 hours - after that it doesnt count, even with a year between messages.
I use consultation gigs where people can ask me any question about a particular subject for $25.

Within an active order page, as part of the message box - you will see it there


THANK YOU ALL for the enormous help. I’m saving this page’s text in a txt file so I’ll be able to refer to it for future trouble. It’s a lot of useful information. Hope this helps others I hope. Again, THANK YOU.


That’s what the forum is for!


Yes. And by the way, I just want to quote that and say that it’s GOLDEN. Anyone should read that.