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Custom Offer in Dashboard

Hi there

I was wondering if any of you kind and knowledgeable people can help me. Today, I received a notification that there was something new in my dashboard. Panicking in case it was a “cold” order, I immediately went to check. Turns out, it’s a custom offer. As I have neither requested nor sent any custom offers today, I am assuming it’s spam. The problem is it won’t open. I click on the green “review now” button and nothing happens. Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom on how I get rid of it? Thanks so much in advance!

I am having that same problem. And I’m not sure how to remedy the situation either. Did this ever get resolved for you?

Sorry, but no, I haven’t figured out a way to remove it. The cursor, when placed over the offer, doesn’t change to a hand so you can’t click on it, and the green button still does nothing. My best guess is that the sender account has already been restricted or banned, but that doesn’t help on how to get rid of the thing. It’s so irritating sitting there in the most important part of Fiverr, the to-do list!

Same here, I assume it’s a bug.

Quite a lot of other users have reported the same thing–I woke up to exactly the same situation today and made a mental note to query Customer Support about it. I haven’t done it yet, as it’s obviously a bug/glitch happening to a lot of people and some have reported it.

I hate it artificially expanding my to-do list as well, but it’ll be gone soon! I hope. I just wonder what the dev team is up to…