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Custom Offer ... what is this?

Today for the first time ever I got a “You received a Custom Offer” under my Orders.

No matter how much I click on it nothing happens.

What is this exactly and how do I remove it or see who sent it?


I also just seeing it in my profile, I don’t know what this mean, because I can’t open it… can be an internal spam or something?

Its just a glitch and nothing else.

Fiverr Technical team is working to solve this issue.

They are aware of this and will fix the issue soon

Thsnk you :slight_smile:

From what I can tell … (and I got one today too) is that you’ve sent out an offer for a Buyer Request and they may or may not have responded to it in your inbox. In my case I saw it in the inbox and had a conversation. However even after clicking on the conversation there and continuing talks, when I click the Dashboard it still says I have a Custom Offer. So ya a bit of a glitch I would gather. :slight_smile: Hope this helps. Let me know if you guys also sent out offers to Buyer Requests. Irene

I got one of these without sending out a Buyer Request. I think it is probably some sort of spam. I would just ignore it and if Fiverr doesn’t remove it for everyone after a week or two, contact Customer Support and ask for it to be removed.

i’ve never sent offers to anyone!