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Custom Offer with Requirements

Hello! I am trying to set up my template texts for the custom offers and the requirements. I know that, in a non-custom-offer type of order, the client fills out the requirement form only after s/he has bought the gig.

Is this the same with Custom Offers, too? I would really like the possibility to have the Client fill out the Requirements at the same time (or before) clicking to accept the custom offer. Does it work this way? There is the button that says “Request for requirements” but I don’t know when is the client prompted to fill them out.

Thank you.

Clients/ buyers follow the same procedure, only for this time I guess you have discussed the work with the clients and maybe they have given you requirement’s, if it the case the order will show " waiting for order requirements " and you will mark " i already have the requirement " if your order requirements are mandatory the buyer will have to fill something like " I have already submitted" . Hope this one will hep

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the process is that the buyer finds your gig, likes it Orders and if you have a good Requirements Form, fill that in (hopefully well). You set sent a notice the you are hired and should check the things sent to be sure you are able to proceed. If not talk to the customer (or CS if they are not helping).

Many sellers ask people to talk with them BEFORE ordering. During this time you could try asking for all the material to be sent over.

As a Mix Engineer I ask for an mp3 of the song but if really unsure what is going on, may ask for some or all of the Stems to really understand the nature of the job.

If a buyer says no to you seeing their job, it seems to me that they are waving a red flag.


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Hi danielwanyagah. Thanks for your reply. So the order of things is probably the similar as with a normal order: 1 client accepts custom offer and pays, 2 client fills out order requirements and this sets the order timer off.

The custom offer is similar , the client will have to fill the requirements … but if they doesn’t you will see a notification saying " I already have the requirements " just mark it if you have all the requirements .

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Hi benedictrm, yes, I know. I always ask ppl to contact me first and I need to see everything before making the custom offer. In the perfect world, I would write all the order info to the custom offer and the client would accept/not. In that case I would not need the Requirements at all. But there is a 1500-char limit for the Custom offers and since we have to be very detailed and clear about what is included and not included, I don’t have enough space. So requirements would come in handy (in addition to the custom offer). But if the client only sees the requirements after he has accepted the offer, it doesnt help. The bottom line is, I want the client to have the opportunity to see all the details about the order and know exactly what to expect.

Thank you danielwanyagah. That’s exactly what is was wondering about. Thanks.

You can also do what I do and add a PDF that explains the things you will need either before or after the order is placed.

There is a trade off here in that many people will TL:DR and either send you their willful ignorance or just leave. This can lose you sales, or may only cull those with whom you can never develop a good working relationship anyway if your service is complex and requires good interaction - as does composing music and great mixing.


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Thanks! I just wrote a long PDF explaining my work. I think in time I’ll find solutions.

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