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Custom offers are a plenty


I just recently found this site and can honestly say this is amazing. I am amazed at what a great experience it has been so far and I have only 1 order on one standard gig.

Ok so I have had a number of custom orders on this site. This really seems like a great way to go about things. Granted, the skills I bring to the table typically attract people who need a bit more than just a simple $5 gig.

I am currently using my design and prototyping experience to help people refine their 3D print designs and ultimately produce the 3D prints for them.

Getting your skills out there and getting a customer base built, especially in this field, is never easy.

Thank you to Fiverr for existing. Thank you to all the sellers and buyers who keep the dream alive. Here is to many more years uniting people with talent, with those who have a need for it.


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