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Custom offers - fivver does NOT understand the concept


One of the most stupid parts in the way custom offers are conceived, is the fact that one MUST link a custom offer to an existing gig! Which automatically means that standard requirements are attached to ANY custom offer you write, weather you do need them or not! And this to the greatest annoyance of customers who mostly do NOT feel like filling in infos which were either already shared or are not relevant to that specific custom offer at all.

Alternatives do not exist -… and it would be even more stupid to start building gigs (which you’d need to disable/delete afterwords, as they would ONLY apply to a single specific customer) for any custom offer you write, just to adjust those requirements.

It seems that fiverr does not understand much of custom offers - teh fact that “custom” should really mean “custom”. Or maybe, they just do not care?

How are you guys dealing with this problem?


First I appreciate your opinion, but I think Custom Offer means custom rules and these rules are what you talk with customers, because when customer want something extra that isn’t included in our gig he need custom offer, so I think this is reason why we need to link with an existing gig.

So it mean he contacted you based on your gig but he want some extra features or something like that!

Customers search what they need and if they found something which is similar with service which they’re interested then contact you and ask if you can do something extra.

I think this is concept of “Custom Offers” but anyway this is only my opinion!

And thank you for this topic it’s excellent topic to be discussed!

Best wishes!



Why not just ask your clients to say “As discussed in messages” for the requirements, regardless of what is asked?


Dear Eoin:

Do you mean something like this?

Thank you,


Exactly Blaise!
Most of my translation orders are custom offers and submitting something is required. When I send a custom offer I explain that even though they have sent me the document already, the system requires that they say something so please say “As discussed in messages”. It also means that if there is an issue then CS can see that they need to check the inbox conversation too.


Yes, but you can make requirements on basic gigs and you can add details that you need to start working on that gig.

But you if you use custom offer you can contact via messages and only send custom offer and you can add details on it.



Oh but they do if you are creative. You can make your custom offer of a gig any way you choose.
I sent a custom offer to a buyer who wanted to tip me $100 for example. I have a more vague gig
set up that allows freedom to accommodate requests that are non standard.


sure I do, but they are still annoyed to have to go through the process; and I fully understand them!


guess it depends on what you offer …


yeah, that part
maybe it’s easier for some less technical gigs, but if you are in a more technical area you simply MUST require bunch of infos on your standard gig, as you can’t rely on discussing ALL details with ALL customers in previous conversations


did you ever try a custom offer?
ONce you link it with a standard gig, ALL requiremengts of that standard gig will automatically apply to the custom offer! And just because it is “custom” in many cases it means you simply do NOT need all that info and there’s no need to annoy the customer and have him go through that


Before we even had custom offers I had a generic gig with simple wording and used it for custom situations. You clean have one gig with a title like “I will do something we discussed.”

The description can outline any particulars you always have (if applicable) like “No adult content” or “Revisions are extra.” If you have none of these always apply rules, leave them out.

The rest of the description can have wording that refer to details discussed via inbox and/or custom offer fields. After a bit of tweaking a generic gig can be attached to 99% of custom quotes as needed. I only need mine for a fraction of that, but when it fits it is worth the time savings.

Without a gig to attach the system has trouble displaying reviews or live portfolios on custom quotes, so.I’m happy with the setup as-is.


surely do, but for more technical gigs it hapens that you generally have bunch of requirements and custom offer might only relate to 2% of those requirements; that’s why they are" custom"

I would suggest the best bid here would be to have 2 options when sending a "custom offer"
a) to link to an existing gig should same requirements apply OR
b) define specific requirements for that offer ONLY (which is mostly the case)


I appreciate your opinion and I really do believe it is ok for you the way it is now. But the type of gigs you offer do not compare with more technical gigs where you DO need some more stuff which is NOT the same for various customizations. The “one size fits it all” does really NOT apply here :frowning:
Only that fivver is supposed to cover this kind of more technical gigs as well and offer us the technical framework to make it easy for us to serve our clients.


I completely agree with OP and have personally raised this issue multiple times.

When custom offers were first introduced, it was optional to attach them to a gig. However, if you didn’t, any feedback you received wouldn’t be shown on your profile (annoying if you want to show great feedback and shady if you want to use it as an excuse to deliver poor work and hide negative reviews).

To fix this, they made attaching custom offers to a gig mandatory. But as OP states, this doesn’t work. I send out a lot of custom offers - 90% of the time it’s for custom work not listed on my profile as a gig, or work related to a segment of my gig but not appropriate. The other 10% of the time, my custom offers are quick ways for buyers to place their orders rather than manually selecting options from the gig page.

Whilst the workaround of having buyers write things like “as discussed” works, it is still a workaround. I have had to chase up buyers before with messages such as “Please answer the instructions on the order so it opens up my side. You can do this by writing something like ‘as agreed’”. This slows down the order process and creates confusion for new buyers who have not experienced this before. I’ve even had to create a quick reply for this scenario. Sure, it works, but why should it have to be a workaround?

There is a very simple way to fix this. When sending a custom offer, have a checkbox option to allow us to turn requirements on/off. If on, the order works as it does now. If off, it automatically opens as it used to.


Just define what you need from the buyer either within the offer or before sending it. Even with the option to put something custom in the gig requirements section doesn’t mean the buyer will actually fill them in properly.


I use these two orders to higlight the issue (with personal info redacted). They are high-value to show the extent of the issue. Both orders are custom offers not related to anything I publicly list on my profile (as if it’s listed and available on my profile, users can just order as listed unless they’re feeling lazy).

This offer was sent under the old custom offer system. As you can see from the order description - completely custom work. After ordering, it instantly opens up:

This offer was sent under the new system. The work again, wasn’t completely related to the base gig. However, now, the buyer had to fill out unnecessary instructions to open it - after I had to chase them up to do so because they didn’t realise:

Both these clients are high value, both placed their original order and then had other stuff to do (they aren’t sitting on Fiverr all day). The first order opened up instantly, no problem. The second order had mandatory instructions which weren’t related and I had to chase down the buyer who couldn’t respond again that day as they were flying. This is an unnecessary pain and a relatively easy fix.

I am very grateful that the custom offer function exists (without this, neither of the above orders would have been possible) but it needs an update to solve the “workaround system” and make the ability to send offers truly custom again. Otherwise, I’m not sending custom offers, I’m just sending “quick purchase links” for the gigs I have listed which buyers could easily select themselves.