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Custom Offers for New Sellers

We’ve opened the option for new sellers (with non- level) to offer Custom Offer for their buyers (up to $325 per offer). All sellers will be able to use the current existing flows.

Along with the latest on Custom Offers, non-level sellers will also be able to utilize Fiverr Anywhere, up to $325 as well.

If you want more information about Custom Offers, you can read it here:

Also, you may see the pop up below. Don’t be alarmed, it’s just a reminder for new sellers that Custom Offers and Fiverr Anywhere are now available for you.


Hey Kash,

This is great news for new sellers and would have really helped when I started.

The only thing I have to wonder though is it does seem as though there’s nothing to really work towards when gaining a higher level.

Is anything in the works?

Reply to @deanstokes: Dean, can you clarify what you mean? We want to make sure we can help you out here.


Hola, parece buena noticia, pero estará disponible ya en español?

@kashmiah I think what @deanstokes is saying is that. We had to work hard to do many 5 gigs. just to obtain the level we are at. New sellers get to come in and use custom pricing to gain faster access to jump levels.

That seems like something that would have been offered to level sellers first and not new sellers.

In the past, sellers had to prove themselves trustworthy to earn this ability. I just hope this doesn’t open the flood gates to a bunch of scammers who now have the ability to make a quick $300 instead of a quick 5er. I love fiverr, and the last thing I would want to see is her reputation tarnished. Please tell me that I have nothing to worry about.

I am new and already i got level one. But i have no order now. How can i increase to sell my gig. If any suggession please tell me.

how to recommended my gig???how to order my gig???please suggession and tell me.

Hi, Fiverr, i think setting different commissions for levels 1, 2 and top rated sellers, would been better, . There need to be an appreciation for sellers who have supported fiverr upto this far.

Reply to @kashmiah: Don’t want to speak for @deanstokes here, but I think he’s saying there’s less of a difference now between a being a newbie and earning level 2 perks wise.

Thanks for sharing useful informaiton

I’m glad the offer has been extended to new sellers and hope to take advantage of this feature really soon.

Reply to @mwasj209: I also agree with this…

Nice. I Hope to understand how it works.

Thanks for sharing us.

It would be great if the custom offers were mobile friendly. I’ve sent offers to several clients, who apparently only use mobile, and they wanted to purchase the special offer but couldn’t because the button didn’t appear on mobile.

it says "yet to be supported from mobile app"

I’ve lost at least 3 sales as a result of this lack of mobile compatibility.

Any news on when this will be released?

Custom offers rock! :slight_smile: