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Custom Offers When Status is Unavailable

Usually when I have myself as “unavailable” if I send a custom offer to any of my long term clients they can order that way but today one of my clients told me he could not accept and pay for my custom offer as I was unavailable for any orders? Has the system changed?

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There was a thread on this in the last few days.

I think yes - changed. so you cannot take a job, even if you send it to a client whilst in Absentia Modus. It puts you totally out of Order-ice.

My guess is because people seemed to be able to have orders arrive whilst they were in Don’t Let Them Order mode which was a PITA for hollydayus famillius.


Thanks for your reply, that is a shame as most of my clients are long term and I have always sent a custom offer to them to re-order as I only take new clients now and again and if I take myself off unavailable I get so many enquiries etc it becomes too much.
So now every time I wish a client to re order I will have to make myself available :thinking:


Check with CS as I am only guessing based on a thread I scanned which wasn’t personally relevant so we are relying on my pattern memory more than my personal memory.

I can say, I wish I had that problem tho :wink:


I’ve also just became aware of this change and I’m not a fan!

I work with a bunch of regulars and like to keep my out of office on, send offers to regulars upon request, and only open up when I want more work. This works great for me because:

  1. I can always prioritise regulars.
  2. I have more control over the amount of work I take on.
  3. I don’t get overwhelmed with messages.
  4. It limits the amount of orders I get from people who haven’t read the gig description properly.

I am exactly the same, I wish they had informed us as I have been waiting for some regulars to respond to my offers and they could not even message me!
Just this morning I wake up to have 18 new messages which I do not want, I have enough clients at the moment but waiting for a few of my regulars to accept my offers as usual.