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Custom order 20% mark up


Hi, I’m new to Fiverr and am just trying to place an order which the seller has sent me as a custom order - he quoted me a price in our message exchange but when the quote came through for me to accept the order, it was an increased price. The seller stated that this is because Fiverr take 30% from the buyer plus 20% from the seller - is this correct? I can only see on the terms where it states a 5% mark up for jobs above $50

Currency problem in custom offer

Sorry 20% from the buyer plus 20% from the seller


That really depends on the actual price we’re talking about. If you want to order something for a $5, seller will receive $4 and you will pay $7. $2 is administration fee and Fiverr takes 20% from the seller, so in this case it’s true. If we’re talking about $50 order, then it’s not that much of an increase.


The price the seller quoted was $65 but when the custom order cane through for me to proceed with order, it stated $96

When I queried the price difference, the seller stated that Fiverr have 20% from the buyer and also 20% from the seller


Heh, well, then your seller is trying to rip you off.


Hi there. You can find the fee structure, and lots of other useful info, in the Terms of Service:


  • Service fees are added at the time of purchase where a Buyer can review and accept the total amount requested to pay. These fees cover administrative fees. As of May 2018, the current fees assessed to the total purchase amount are $2 on purchases up to $40 and 5% on purchases above $40.

If you agree on a price with a seller, the seller should send you an offer for that agreed price, and Fiverr will automatically add the buyer fee.
As sellers pay 20% fee to Fiverr indeed, the seller might want to add those to the price you pay, of course, but the price the seller tells you, or has on their gigs, should be the end price from seller side, so if you agreed on, say, $50 for the custom work, the offer should be for $50, with only the Fiverr buyer fee being added automatically.

The price might be higher for a custom order than announced in the gig of course, in case the agreement is for something else than the gig offers, but not because of the 20% fee.


Yep I did think that but he told me to ask support and they would confirm - there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to contact support directly on here, do you know how I do that?
Thanks for your help!


This is most helpful thank you


^^This. Nothing else matters but this.^^


Don’t waste your time with support, it’s simply not true what he told you. It’s possible what miiila said, that he wanted to add seller’s fee on to you.


or you can use the “Get a Quote” option to get the desired price you want to pay for, to do that click on the seller’s name, click on Get a Quote, fill the requirements and you are good to go.


I’ve queried this with him and he stated that you put more than the price than you agree on the purchase to agree the custom offer? It’s my first time on here and so I’m not completely familiar with how the process works - he is a top rated seller with over 1k reviews and his profile looks credible, so not sure why he would state this!


I think I figure the reason for this

He quoted $65 (USD) and you probably got charged in Australian dollars

65 * 1.41 = 91.65 + 5% of fee is 96 australian dollars
(1USD is ~1.41 AUS)


Ahh this makes sense as he seems very confused by my questions - I will check thank you!


If your paypal (or card) has main currency in Australian Dollars then it is probably that.


I don’t understand that either, maybe some misunderstanding?
Custom offer doesn’t have anything to do with the 20%.

For example, my gigs offer translation of up to 100 / up to 250 / up to 1000 words.
So, obviously, if someone asks for a custom offer because they need 1500 words, they’ll have to pay more than the gig for up to 1000 words costs.
Or my gig description states that the prices are for MS Word or Excel format and that other file formats might cost more (because it might take me more time to work with them), or if people want me to translate directly within their website, it will take me more time and might be more expensive.

That’s for my own category, as I don’t know what you ordered but you get the idea.

If the gig a seller has is exactly what you need, you can simply directly order that gig, without even needing to talk to the seller if you don’t want to, but if you need something else than exactly what the gig offers, you’ll ask and they can send you a custom offer.
But whenever a customer asks me for the price, I tell them the end price I want for doing the job, and then Fiverr adds the $2/5% buyer fee on top of that for the buyer.

Or yes, what Arty said, in case you haven’t your dashboard set to US$.

Though this sounds pretty mysterious to me honestly.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can change your currency, it might be easier to use US$ to avoid such misunderstandings if it was one, but even if it was one, what he said seems to make not much sense.


I believe he simply passed on the seller’s fee to you, not wanting to bear it. If I sell you a service for $40, I will get $32. But if I want to pass on the seller’s Fiverr cut to you, I will send you a custom offer of $48, and then on top is Fiverr payment gateway cost. I hope that helps.


Yeah, that’s what it sounds like to me too but I don’t think it’s what most sellers do (and probably not how it’s supposed to be done). You agree on a price (which includes those 20% you’ll lose as Seller fee), and that exact price should be on the offer, and then Fiverr’s buyer fee, and nothing else.

If you (kargyle1) didn’t know that he wanted to add those 20% to the before agreed price, because he didn’t tell you and you thought what he told you was the end price from his side, of course, you can reject the offer. The seller does seem a bit confused either way, even if he, personally, does it that way, the statement “that this is because Fiverr take 30% from the buyer plus 20% from the seller” is definitely not correct as we already established.