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Custom order cancelation issue

Hi All,

So I am fairly new to Fiverr and have just started getting gigs a few days ago. Things were going great and I managed to get some repeat customers until I received a custom order. The order was for 3 articles to be delivered in 2 days. Because this was a new client, and i wanted to make sure i satisfied him, I sent him the first article as a sample to review.

Upon receiving the article, he said that he didn’t approve because i had used the word ‘you’ too much. I have been a writer for quite some time now and conversational articles need to have 2nd person words in them. He has opened up dispute twice and I have canceled them both times. Now both him and i have approached customer service.

I have offered for a revision but he isn’t budging.

He keeps giving me lame excuses like this and then that the article was off topic, which it wasn’t. So, my question is, should I proceed with the other two articles and complete the order before time runs out since he can’t cancel on the basis of quality? Or let his cancelation affect badly on my profile?

I have 18 hours to complete the order, please tell me what I should do!


I would say that this depends on how your own stats are. If you have a high completion rate than it’s not going to hurt you much to have one cancellation. If you have a solid 100% rating, a poor review will only hurt if you don’t have very many reviews. My default choice is to refuse cancellations and get paid if I know I am delivering exactly what I promised. If my rating has suffered for any reason, though, there are times I would rather just cancel.

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Thanks for the prompt reply! I have had 8 projects since I started getting gigs 6 days ago. I have one repeat client (ordered 7 times) who has given me a review once and another newer client who has also given me 5-star rating and review. My completion and other stats are 100% but since I don’t have many reviews, I don’t know what to do.

If I make sure I am getting him exactly what’s mentioned on the gig, will there be a chance the order isn’t canceled? I don’t want my hard work to be wasted.

So, you have an advantage since you haven’t leveled yet and can’t be demoted. A negative review or even a cancellation might just delay your leveling process a little bit and that’s not bad. That leaves you with a pretty open set of options.

There is a possibility that Support will tell you both to work it out on your own and the buyer might eventually give in and let you deliver. Then you only risk a poor review.

There is a possibility that Support will cancel the order and remove the choice from you.

There is a possibility that Support will stay out of it but the buyer will keep clicking the cancel button so many times that you can’t refuse it in time and the order gets automatically canceled.

It’s up to you to choose your course. You don’t want to risk a failure to deliver, so you either need to go ahead and write or go ahead and cancel. If you write the articles and the order is still canceled, publish the articles yourself on a free blog or something and use it as sample work. That way the buyer can’t use anything he or she has because you will use it first. It won’t be wasted if you show it to potential buyers as sample work. If you choose to cancel instead, that’s understandable. Good luck!

I think I will go ahead and deliver because I don’t want to risk losing the money or getting the bad rating. My gut tells me to just do a good job at it and he might accept the order. Or customer service may see the problem and come to the rescue.

For the second option, I have read multiple threads here that say CS won’t cancel on terms of quality if the gig requirements have been met. Are there cases where the order is canceled even though it was delivered exactly as presented in the gig?

I have two days to accept or refuse the cancellation right? I think I won’t miss it if that’s the case. If I only have a couple of hours then that’s something I’ll need to worry about.

Support rarely gets directly involved in disputes like this. Usually, they tell both buyer and seller to work it out amongst themselves. They don’t make a judgment about whether or not the buyer’s theory is based on quality, so even though that isn’t an official reason to cancel, it doesn’t mean Support will back you up. Unfortunately, if they believe the buyer about you being off-topic or if the buyer says what you delivered doesn’t match what they ordered, Support will probably cancel the order.

The first time a buyer presses the cancellation button, I think you have a pretty long time. If you decline to cancel and they press the button again, the time is shorter. After you deliver they can still try to cancel and if they do, the time keeps getting shorter for both you and the buyer. Eventually one of you will end up stuck - either the order will auto-cancel or auto-complete. You can’t trust what it says on the page, either. If it says the order will auto-complete in 30 minutes that could be off by a lot either way. The system seems to get dicey as the countdown gets tighter.

I completed the order and now the client has more problems. I have also received a msg from CS saying that I should cancel the order because the client isn’t satisfied. Remember that this is in reply to the query when i had just sent over a sample and not the complete order.

Though he suggested I cancel the order and improve ratings with other projects, he didn’t do anything on his own. I still have the project. My next evaluation is on the 15th, so should i cancel or see where this goes?

If i cancel now, i can put up the work as samples like you suggested. So should i stand my ground or accept defeat?