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Custom Order Catch-All? I need suggestions


I previously had a gig to complete custom orders/buyer requests. Highly generic, just something to send potential clients when their needs didn’t fit any of my gigs. Well, after a number of successful orders it got caught in the ever-present trawling net of “editorial focus” and was denied.

What suggestions do you have for sending custom order quotes unrelated to gigs you offer? I have quite a varied skill set and sometimes come across something I could do not related to any of my gigs even remotely. ( For example, I focus on graphic design but a couple weeks ago I did a 3D print because I just happen to own a printer and someone was willing to pay a good price for the part.)

I feel it’s a bit off-putting when I send something that seems utterly unrelated to the services a buyer needs.


Alright, bump.

Surely someone else has this problem, right? Is the simple answer just to reject work that doesn’t fit my gigs?


I haven’t had this problem yet. BTW, you could try and pose this question to CS, too. I am kinda curious what their answer might be. :thinking:


I suppose I could do that. Frankly, the custom order system needs an overhaul. The ideal solution for me would be to send an offer not attached to a gig- preferably custom meta data and a review that at least goes to my account if not any gig.


You could either

  1. Use the closest gig you have to what is being asked

or if none are really close, if possible:

  1. Create a gig to do what is being asked, on the same day that it is being requested (you could try to keep the gig not too specific to allow for similar requests).

If you are unlevelled you can’t create more gigs if you already have 7 gigs, even if you have less than that active, but if you are level 1 I think you can create more total gigs by having some paused. And if you get demoted to level 0, you could still use those gigs by pausing one of your active ones and activating the one you want to use.

So when you get to level 1 I think you should be able to create enough specific gigs that you could pause/activate to be able to use for many different requests.

Or you could try to create gigs that were vague like “I will do custom graphics work” (which could be for almost anything). Maybe have a high price on the vague titles.


This may be the solution I’m looking for. Catches most of it but hopefully still specific enough to not get filtered by Fiverr. Thanks for the suggestions!