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Custom order complaint

I created a custom order for one of my clients for USD60 (my gig usually is USD12). But in the end my earning is USD48 only. Why should Fiverr collect that much? Can someone show me a Fiverr policy on the same? Cheers


Hello, in addition to it being explained in the terms of service, realize that you have the immense benefits of working on an international website that is so large and respected that it is on the New York stock exchange. You are in effect in partnership with fiverr. It’s not just you alone here but a huge organization making it possible for you to earn money.

You would not have earned the $48 without fiverr. Don’t you think they deserve only $12 for all that they did to make that possible for you? Considering the marketing, payment processing and number of viewers of your gigs you get simply by being here, it’s a bargain.


That’s the policy that you signed and agreed to that you read it when you joined fiverr.
Every platform charge you a commission so I’m not sure why you exported different things even if you didn’t bother to read terms of service (which is basically your contract)


You will get 80% of the income @apolonaire

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I asked a very simple question without bad intentions. I find your answer very rude and displaced. Thanks anyways.

Thanks, I think I missed that section.

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You’re welcome, @apolonaire.

I was trying to be helpful and explain to you why they charge 20%. You asked why fiverr collects that much. You’re welcome.

Whatever I said that you thought was rude, it was not my intention to be so I apologize if I sounded that way.

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Can someone explain why my first comment was flagged for being off-topic?

I directed the OP into reading Fiverr TOS as should!

Whoever is doing it, stop flagging me! Please.

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No, she wasn’t rude. She told you the truth.

You shouldn’t ask questions whose answers you can find on your own if you research. We aren’t here to explain basic things so you don’t have to look them up. She didn’t have to explain the reasons to you. You should be grateful you didn’t have to look it up as you don’t seem to want to do that.