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Custom order given by buyer

If any buyer provides me custom order and I am not familiar with that work then what will I do? If I cancel the order, is it shows any negative ranking in my gig?


No problem, just reach at seller support and tell your problem clearly. Then they will cancel your order without any negative ranking in your gig.


A buyer cannot provide a custom order, they can however send a quote request, and if you’re not familiar with the work you can then just politely decline their request.

If they have place an order though, then you’ll need to cancel, which would affect your statistics. It’s inconclusive if that would affect your gig ranking, but it’s a possibility.

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Contact Fiverr support center and tell everything clearly. Hope the will you.

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Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

Thanks. I am new in Fiverr, that’s why I have many questions to ask.

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