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Custom order misdealing

I have completed my very first order without making any custom order for my client due to lack of knowingness. Only for the payment purpose I made a custom order where the delivery time I mentioned 20 days (amount of days the order took me to complete). although the payment has been made but the order on which the payment has been made keeps on displaying the delivery time (20 days ) for the order I have already completed. My manage sales section of my account keeps on showing no orders completed. Can someone tell me How can I mark my order as complete.

P: I expiration date of order is 3 days


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You need to deliver your order by pressing the Deliver button, if you ‘deliver’ only in inbox, the system won’t register it. Once you delivered, the order will be completed either by your buyer accepting it, or will autocomplete within 3-4 days, if he doesn’t. After completion, the revenue will be in ‘clearing’ mode for 14 days, after that it will be cleared and can be withdrawn to your payoneer/PayPal /bank, whatever you set up.

From your screenshot it seems you delivered all right, so now it needs either your buyer to accept it actively or 3-4 days to autocomplete, then you should see it in Completed.


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This is how the order looks like.
I made a mistake by making delivery on inbox.

Just deliver it again using the Delivery button.

Oh and you should blur the name of the buyer, or any other identifying info, whenever you post screenshots here. :slight_smile:

I just want to be sure whether the order has been or will be marked completed by fiverr as well.

If you prefer it in Fiverr’s words, then have a look at this article from the Fiverr help pages:

Note that custom orders are more appropriate in fiverr

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