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Custom Order: Multiple Projects in 1 Order

Hi, I am a new seller. I need to create my first custom order for a buyer.

The buyer asked me to create a series of 5 posters, and she seems open to paying for them as a package. Selling the 5 Posters as a package is better for me, as I will ensure to have her business for all 5 Posters. I am thinking it may be appropriate to create a single offer with 3 Milestones:

  1. Poster 1
  2. Posters 2 and 3
  3. Posters 4 and 5

The other option would be to create a different offer for each poster. For each poster, I would have two milestones. This might be simpler, but the customer may not be encouraged to continue with all 5 posters, and I might lose her business…

  1. Draft
  2. Final Poster

Please let me know what you recommend, as I am still not familiar with the Fiverr platform :slight_smile:

ALSO: I live in Canada. When I create the offer, the amount I specify will be in USD (not my local currency), correct?

Thank you!

Hi, Dima.

I would reeeeealllly suggest to start with one poster. You have never worked with this person before and as a new seller you are more likely to be targeted by a scammer.

I usually divide orders like this in two parts: 1st poster, full price, no discounts. Then the rest of the posters as a custom offer for all 4 together, with a minor discount (5-10%) if you both like the experience with the first one. I don’t provide drafts so I wouldn’t be able to advise you on how to handle those (except, don’t send any drafts before the order is placed).

You can change the account currency at the very bottom of the page, on the right. I’d suggest using USD, though, because it’s more universal and creates less confusion.

Good luck.

PS Cool idea for a gig, btw.


My thoughts exactly. Even I don’t take on large orders from new buyers. Always ask instead, that they place an order for 1 item first.

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And just an fyi - I’ve tried the milestone thing and frankly am not convinced. It takes 8 days for each milestone to autocomplete … and a further 5 or 8 days after the last one. Far better to divide big orders into smaller separate ones.

Thank you everyone for your advice! Yes I had a feeling it would be best to just handle one poster at a time. This will help set the expectations straight and avoid disappointment on both ends :slight_smile:

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