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Custom Order or Deal Package:Difference?

Its quite a bit confusion for me that what is the difference between Custom Order and Deal Package plus its a confusion for the buyers too that what should they do.
Please Clarify me and my other fellows so they can make their gig more better and the buyers get the best thing they want.

Thank you,
Waiting for Generous Replies

no one? Strange

From what I know, deal package is a basic gig plus common extras. Price and timing is the same as if the created the same package thru an order.

A custom order allows you set set prices and timing. Say your standard gig is 5 days. The requirements for what the buyer wants will take longer. You can set it to 8 days. And pricing is not limited to even 5. You can charge $78 if you want. I use custom offers to give discounts to frequent buyers from me. Instead of say $25 for a gig, I charge them $22.

Also custom offers allow me to give proper timing and prices for large projects.

that means the difference is of the price and not anything else other wise they are same.
Thank you so much mam for clearing me,

Also time - as you can set what you need.

like you can say its 6 days and 4 hours? :stuck_out_tongue: i think both are same for the time.