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Custom orders and conversion rates?

I’m curious as to what currency the custom orders are set to by default. Is it USD? I’ve noticed that my gigs are sometimes converted for me, so $5 actually appears as like, $7.01 or something like that.

If a buyer selects all of my gig add-ons themselves on my gig page, the total amount at the checkout is not an even number. However, when I send a custom order to them myself, I am expected to enter an exact amount for the final price. I’m wondering if this number is in USD or CAD because if it’s Canadian I’ll need to do conversions otherwise I’ll be losing money.

Is this final amount in USD? Or CAD?

For example, my gig extras are $5 each USD, so if I want to send a custom order with 3 add-ons it would be $20 USD. I’m worried that by typing $20 into the total, I am actually getting Canadian currency instead of American, which is significantly less in the end.

You may need to ask for more if the currency for custom orders is in Canadian dollars.

I have the same question - does anyone at FIVERR have the answer?? This is a pretty important question!

We are all at fiverr. If you mean someone who works for fiverr you can contact them at customer support.