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Custom Orders are not included in the stats?


It looks like custom orders are not included in the stats. Has anyone else noticed this?

One of my gigs is only showing 3 orders but has more than that, and most are custom orders in that time period.


I didn’t know that. Over 50% of my orders are custom orders.


If you have lots of custom orders it can be misleading to look at the stats I have noticed.
The stats don’t take into account the size of orders also. A gig can show one order a week yet that one order can be huge.


Yes…this is a big problem. I just hope they get it right, the average customer review filter is not working.


I suppose they look at the stats to see how each gig is doing but if so there can be a gig making a huge amount for someone but this is not reflected in the stats. I’m not sure what the criteria is for a gig’s placement though so I may be wrong.


Hm, I have almost only custom orders actually, interesting.


Just did a quick look and I have one gig which only had one sale in the past 30 days. It was a custom order and it shows in the stats.


Bringing in a different note, I once asked support how they evaluate a “user success” meaning, one seller can have 1000 x $5 reviews whilst, one with just 200 reviews can have 200 x $100 reviews. In truth, the one with 200 reviews is much more successful than the seller with more reviews.

Interesting, no?


The one thing missing from the stats is how much each gig earns every 7 days, every 30 days, etc.


My orders are about 90% custom and they appear to be included in all my stats as far as I can tell.

I remember there was a period right after Fiverr created the custom offer feature that custom only showed in stats if it was linked to a regular gig. At that time you could make a custom offer without connecting it to a gig. Reviews on those also did not display on your page.

I can’t remember exactly how long it took them to fix it, but they did. I think you have to attach them to a gig now. I guess if your account was bugged when they made that change, it could have done something different. I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere in a long time.