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Custom Orders - Valid for # days

Hi guys, I would like to say that after a couple of incidents where I send clients custom offers, they tend to not accept it at that given time and decide to wait a couple of days (or actually weeks in some cases).

Buyers request custom offers and wait days/weeks until they purchase them without coming back to you to check if it’s an appropriate time or not.

Just like how quotations sent to companies have an expiration date (usually, you see * quotation valid for 15 working days)… I’d love to see something like that on Fiverr’s custom orders.

Thanks, I hope this gets the attention of Fiverr as well. We really need this option.

I strongly agree. Sometimes a long-forgotten custom offer can suddenly get accepted, out-of-the-blue, at a non-optimal time for the Seller. Even worse, such an offer might have been given a duration of “1 day” back then, placing the Seller under even more pressure!

For me I have set the offer message onto my todo list. Then I kill the offer after a week. Automatic would be better though.

Thanks for letting us know. I think though when done more frequently this would turn into a much bigger hassle to be honest. So I really wish an auto “kill” would be implemented.