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"Custom Price Only" Gig

Sometimes work price varies depending on the client’s requirements or amount of work. For example, a seller wants to set a gig on the website speeding up. In such gig, sellers are writing contact me before you order. This is required for sellers to understand how difficult the situation of the client’s website. And, the price should be depending on many things that cannot be decided when creating the gig. If Fiverr brings another feature for sellers to create custom offer only gig that would help a lot.

Sometimes client order without discussion with the seller later seller have to cancel and seller get punishment of such situation.


If it’s a site suggestion you could change the section to “Fiverrr site suggestions”. I agree they should have an option for this. All you can currently do is make sure the gig/package prices are not set too low (which could lead to buyers buying without discussing first), put a message asking them to contact you before buying for a custom price, or put in your gig description/packages enough info about what different things will cost. You could also have an image/.pdf which gives more detailed price info maybe and maybe refer to it in the description (eg. it could have more info on what things are included in each package, what would require a custom offer & higher price and what it would be (or approx be)).


@wpblogseo, you can also set more requirements on your gig to avoid confusion,

I think that’s what it is for,

Because right after they order, they will go to the requirements pages, so all answers would be compulsory, they will have to explain and attach files or answer some MCQs,

That way you will have a knowledge of what they are looking for,

If they don’t have enough information to provide you, they are more likely going to cancel the order themselves, which will make you avoid the penalty (if you the seller cancels the order)

I am not sure if this will work, but you can try to explore a bit,
Because a change in the system of Fiverr may take time,

Maybe they are already working on that, but until it comes, it’s always better to work with what we already have now and get everything we can out of it

I hope this helps you :blush:
By the way, I am still new, so maybe my advices are a little bit out of the subject