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Well, I’m a seller here on Fiverr from more than a year now… and I must say that I really like the way Fiverr handles all the orders and reviews and the way it let me work… :wink:

In my opinion, the only one big issue here is the fact that you can’t set a custom price.

I’m not talking about starting the service from 5$: because I think this is a great way to let customers try your services.

I’m talking especially on the pricing limitations in general (especially Gig Extras) when you have to do jobs that requires higher price…

I think it would be great something like: "I will do this job starting from 5$ but if you give me this specific price I will do more work!"

We could do it in anycase by let the customer re-order multiple times… but you know… before I sell something I always try to put myself on the buyer side, and in my opinion this is so confusing!!!


That would be so nice! :wink:

In my opinion “Top Rated Seller” is just a title reserved to a little number of sellers… and since “Level 2” is the maximum level we can achieve… why not? :slight_smile:

I think that if we got to “Level 2” we have already earned the trust of our customers.

Fiverr shouldn’t have any interests in limiting our business anyway…


Reply to @giworks: You technically can now since buyers can order x # of extras in just one order as well as multiple gigs all in one order as well and this is a fairly new feature. Makes your page a lot less cluttered and easier to deal with big clients and charge higher rates.

Reference thread:


Reply to @freelancemm: Well, with that feature that’s a lot better than before! :wink: But it’s still the same thing: customers must calculate the price by themselves by summing all extras. I would like to have something more simple and easy: specific quotes/pricing for Gig Extras! :wink:


Reply to @giworks: Well, you could always calculate it for them. Before the feature was implemented I simply just opened up a custom gig that I left open for buyers to order from, then shortly after closed it again. It made it ideal. It’s not quite CLOSE to custom price quotes, but you can just state,

"Well you’ll have to order my gig + this many of this gig extra, thanks!"

It’s nothing too challenging but now we have that option and will let us get prices as high as over $1000 PER order. I am not sure how much higher you can get :stuck_out_tongue: I’m happy they made it this far, really.


Reply to @freelancemm: Absolutely true and I’m doing as you said at the moment! :wink: But in my opinion it’s still more steps to do for both (sellers/buyers) and that would be really easy to solve. Thanks to a “Top Rated Seller” I’ve also seen how the custom pricing quotes feature works: you just request a payment (starting from 5$ to anything), but there is still a huge problem with that: the review doesn’t show up on your page! I think implementing this feature on Gig Extras would be the easiest and intuitive way for everyone (sellers, buyers and Fiverr developers of course! XD).


Custom Quotes are awesome. They are quick and have $5000 maximum limit per project. While having a conversation any TRS can send a price quote to any user. Upon acceptance a new order created and everything is same for that order as the usual order we get.


Reply to @giworks: Oh, it is but I prefer it this way than the way it was before where I had to get people to order my custom SEO gig which made it a hassle. Now it can be all in one order & it’s not as easy for buyers to wreck your feedback this way. It’s a step in the right direction but I am still hoping that the custom quote feature trickles down to Level 2 sellers. In the mean-time, this works so i’m satisfied for now!


Reply to @wingle: What kind of possible service could be worth a $5000 maximum unless you’re helping a user to build, market, and brand their page from the ground up? More just curious than anything else. I can see pricing upwards of $1k, even $2k, but $5k would have to be a pretty extensive service!


Reply to @freelancemm: Yes $5000 service would definitely be a whole package of development and marketing etc. Not sure if anyone has used that amount.

But overall pricing quote option is very good.

There are more chances always that buyers accept price quotes rather they buy multiple gigs.


Reply to @wingle: Eh, well hopefully that custom quote feature will maybe trickle down to Level 2 sellers or I suppose I could take Fiverr a bit more seriously to try to make it to a TRS status! I’ve been here long enough that I can’t be too far away!