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Custom Quotes - How to show ratings on profile?


As a level 2 seller, I am now able to offer custom gig quotes and send them directly to buyers. This is excellent news as I generally sell multiple gigs, so when customers get confused whilst ordering, it is very quick to send them a quote which they just have to agree to.

The only issue I have at the moment is that when the custom gig is complete and the customer has left positive feedback, there is no way to allocate this custom gig to one of your current gigs so that the feedback shows up on your profile.

This is putting me off using the custom gig quotes and slowing down how quickly I can take orders because feedback and ratings are so important for me as it’s how I get new customers.

Could someone at Fiverr let me know if it would be possible to have an option where you attach a custom quote to one of your current gigs before you send it to the customer, so their feedback shows up on the appropriate gig?

Many thanks,



Thanks, that’s useful to know. I think it would be great if there was an option to attach it to one of your gigs though. At the moment I’m still doing work that’s related to my gigs when I use a custom, I’m just offering it to customers who are a little intimidated by the ordering process. Still, a great feature, that lets me set custom prices and gig lengths. Well done Fiverr!


Better not to show those ratings


Why would you not want to show positive ratings to your potential future customers?


In short, you can’t. They’re only to help your over-all ratings.

I actually suggested in another thread to make the “custom quote” gig available to the public so that users would be able to see it and make personal price quote requests and you can choose to accept it if it suits what you’re looking for. I think the most ideal way to do this is to require that you have at least 5 normal gigs up, and then the price quote gig up. Otherwise I could see people exploiting it in some manner. A feature like this would be perfect. It actually comes close with the “Fiverr Anywhere” price quotes, but not quite what I was looking for.


Yes, that’s a good idea as well.


I would like to say thank you to Fiverr for listening to my suggestion! You can now link a custom gigs to one of your current gigs, so that the review shows up on the appropriate gig.

This will definitely make me use custom offers even more, as they work really well in clearing up the order process for the seller once you have discussed the project with them.

Many thanks Fiverr!

liverpoolmusic said: You can now link a custom gigs to one of your current gigs, so that the review shows up on the appropriate gig.
Don't get too excited! That also means the possibility of more demanding buyers. Since there is no way of displaying the cost of a particular gig, a buyer might expect what was an $80 custom order to be a $5 gig. That happens often enough with gig extras. Be ready for it! :)


Reply to @liverpoolmusic: are you sure that the reviews are starting to show up on your gig?

Because in my case, it is asked to relate the reviews to one of my gigs while I am placing the customer offer and when it is completed and got positive review, that review is still not showing on that gig… ??

Am I doing something wrong or should I contact Costumer Support?


I try and have a chat with all my buyers before they order so we’re both nice and clear about what they’re getting and for how much. I do occasionally get the odd buyer who wants the world for $5, but I just try to explain to them as best as possible.


Reply to @momijee: seems to be working fine for me at the moment. Has it started working for you yet?


Reply to @liverpoolmusic: That’s really all you can do. And hope for the best.