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Custom request help

I send custom offer and the buyer accepts it but he doesn’t submit requirements. that’s why the countdown is not starting,… now, what should I do please help this is my first order.

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You can remind them if it’s been quite a while . The’res a button for it (on the order page called something like “send a reminder” I think) but might be better to send them a custom message for it on the order page. They might just be doing it in their own time or maybe uploading stuff necessary for it. You can message them about it and ask them to contact you if they need help with any of the requirements or something. As long as you’re not spamming them.

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thank you vary much. will he cancel the order? if he doesn’t send them in one day?

mahfuzrahman, May be they will work with you for long time and you have leaved the positive impact on them YES may be its good sign for you…

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I don’t know. It’s totally up to the buyer. Some buyers will add the requirements later. As well as sending them a reminder you could check your requirements are clear enough and whether there could be an issue with them.

will it effect on my delivery time???

I don’t think so that it effect much…