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Custom Requests: Do I keep making a new gig?


Hi, I’m new and I’m getting alot of custom requests. I have negotiated a rate for some audio work. Do i need to create a new gig to match their request everytime this happens?

Thanks in advance, speedy replies appreciated!


You can use an existing gig as long as you describe EXACTLY what you will be doing for them on the custom order. This is extremely important that you put in details of everything you will do on the custom order page when you send it to them.

Otherwise you can have an order cancelled due to not being as described.

It is best to have extras on your gigs for every possibility for this reason. Then you can simply add them to the custom order. The things on the custom order should basically be the same as your gig.


Thank you, that is extremely good to know. Where do you put the details of the custom request when the client buys it?
Our agreement is $30 but I do not have a gig that reflects that. I have a $15 I was thinking about asking her to buy X 2 so it equals $30. But would that be a bad idea because then I’m waiting for two gigs to be approved.
My other thought for a simple solution is have a ‘custom request’ gig that I edit for each special request.


You can choose how much they are to pay on the custom order and there is a space on top of it to describe details of what you will do for the order.

It’s not a good idea to have a custom request gig. They can order that and not tell you what they want. Then you will have to cancel the order.