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Custom service make a cancelation of the order and i deliver the whole work

Greetings fiverr comunity let’s just say that my WORST nightmare became true! Let me tell you about it.

I work as an illustrator on fiverr and on march 5 a girl name terri create an order to ask me to illustrate her book. She ask me if I can deliver to her 15 illustrations for it so we start to create the caracthers first. She made me change a lot of elements wich is normal for these kind of request and I was ok to change it I an the type of seller who is not content unless my client is. The thing is after a week and half making the caracther we get to the point of approve the concept so I start to create the pages. That’s was when the problem begin she wans’t happy with the pages she make me wanna make another concepts and then combine 5 different concepts and then change it all over again. The thing is we again get to a point where when approved the concept and time was running out for a week and a half I didn’t sleep eat or breathe making this work. Time was run out and I make the deliver for the 15 illustration in a 51.62 mb zip file yesterday she came respond to me and say my work was bad after and was not happy after all revisions and all the work I made today when I wake up my surprise was that CUSTOM SERVICE CANCELLED MY ORDER because I " deliver the work incomplete" I tried to talk with the client she is not responding me and fiverr still doesn’t respond my request I feel so sad I invest Time, money and reject other project for making this one on time and i feel this girl robbed me, my work now she can use those image without paying me. I am very confused I need help to resolve this issue I deliver the complete work and now I dont have money and I lost a MONTH OF WORK and also fiverr told me that I am in risk to get my account closed I need some advice PLEASE I am very desesperate thank you!

ferllrocks, sorry to hear that, but I have faced lots of similar situations. there are some buyers actually happy with works but they need refund too. with my 3 yeas of experience CS always cancel the order if buyers not satisfy with there orders. (sorry if I’m wrong, but this is what my experience). I had some buyers who got refund even they accept the order with 5 stars. But not to worry, 95% of buyers are really genuine. many of them leave really big tips :slight_smile:

Hello! Thank you so much for your response the problem is I deliver the work late because the blackouts that happen this week in venezuela. I am very worried about these situation because I deliver the work I work really hard facing all kinds of troubles I make the custom service ticket to resolve the problem and I deliver the proofs there’s any chance that I have hopes to recover my earnings??

I’m truly worried because this is my work for a month I live from my fiverr gigs I have never have this issue and I am very sad this was my earnings for this month now I dont have how to pay my bills I have never felt like this before I feel fiverr doesn’t protect the seller we work hard :frowning: