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Custom Social Networking Site

First, let’s start by saying… I do NOT use any pre-existing frameworks, CMS, etc. such as WordPress, BuddyPress, etc.

I create the social network site from scratch. A lot of time and effort is put into this gig writing thousands upon thousands lines of code.

I can create your vision. A social networking site the way you want (within my capabilities). I primarily use PHP 7, MySQL, CSS3, and HTML5. Some JavaScript and some Ajax may be implemented.

You describe the features you would like to implement (user profiles, messaging system, adding friends, business pages (created by other users - like Facebook does), settings and privacy controls, theme customization (for users to experience the website in their image), and much, much more.

You tell me the way you want it, your branding ideas, original / unique ideas, etc.

Basic marketing is offered under the Premium package or advanced marketing can be purchased under additional gigs. Basic marketing will help get you started with promoting your finalized site. Advanced marketing should get the word out quite a bit and hopefully your first set of registered users will start to roll in. No guarantees regarding how much traffic you will get under the marketing plans, all I can say is we WILL market extensively under the advanced marketing options.

Some monetization options may be available. Explain to me how you would like to monetize and I’ll tell you if it’s within the scope of this gig.

You can provide hosting and ftp credentials (if you have hosting set up) or you can purchase a hosting package for one year from me. Disclaimer: This hosting package will be using a third-party host (such as GoDaddy). All I do is set up the hosting account and pay for it (for one year).

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