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Custom Whiteboard/Video

So, I only know one seller here that does actual custom, from scratch, Whiteboard Videos.

Many say they do custom, but when I look at their previous samples, it’s the same thing over and over again. With somewhere around 5,000 WBG, it’s really irritating to seek the real ones from the fake ones.

The one guy I know does amazing work, so that’s not the problem. I just don’t like putting “all my eggs in one basket.”

If he’s on vacation, folds shop, or really swamped; I’d like to have a backup.

Any advice on seeking genuine, custom, from scratch, hand draw sellers here?


A little rant. There are way too many unqualified newbies here. I can easily skip over anyone charging Less than $100, since its obvious they are not custom.

There are unqualified newbies that charge $200 because, I guess someone told them to charge more to get clients. :expressionless:


Maybe… look for someone who also does custom art? If they have both a ‘whiteboard’ gig and an ‘art’ gig, I’d guess that increases the chances that they’ll do custom whiteboard.

Or break the order into two. Get custom art, then hire different Seller to do the whiteboard with said custom art. (Then it’s a matter of making sure their skill with matching lines and color-fill is up to what you need.)


A simple 3-5 second scene can cost 10 times more.
You want custom animations, based on a storyboard, first of all, the author must build all the elements of that scene himself in the special Illustrator to animate them, or directly in After Effects. A lot of people think it’s easy, but it’s a very difficult thing, it requires advanced knowledge, special courses that cost are not cheap.
An explainer of about 1 minute contains about 8-10 scenes. The price of 200 is very low, I'm not talking about those who use certain programs or animations made on certain sites, I mean especially those who use AfterEffects. There are PRO sellers who do this and the price for 30 sec - 1 min can easily reach 5000-8000. By the way, there are sellers who can do something similar to that of a PRO, only it doesn’t have that badge at a lower price, but I don’t think at 5%.
If you look better in that category you will see them, but the prices are higher than $ 100-200


Hey @gina_riley2 I completely understand your point.

Most sellers falsely state they make “custom” whiteboard videos, as they consider “custom” to be a video made to accommodate your specific script.

They are not referring to the actual artwork, as 99% use toolkits and online web apps with pre-made artwork/low quality clip art.

Fiverr just recently introduced a new meta-data tag on all gigs under the whiteboard & explainers vertical, which forces sellers to state whether or not their videos are based on template designs or made from scratch.

It’s being used just to create a database now, but from what I know it will soon be added to your list of filters as a buyer when you are searching for gigs.

Being a seller who offers custom gigs in that category -not whiteboard ones-, I completely agree with you that something needs to be done with sellers who make false claims.

This new meta-data filter is definitely the first step Fiverr needed to take, as it will eventually lead to better control over what gets published and whether or not sellers actually offer what they claim they do.


I wish Fiverr would do that for music gigs too:

  • Is that photo of a huge mixing console: SSL, Neve etc really what you use every day to do this work or a stock image you either stole online or somewhere you once went but are not doing this work from?
  • When you say Analog, does that mean that you use that actual gear or a free Impulse response running in a VST (on the copy of Reaper you never paid for, despite saying you are a Pro)?
  • When you Mix a record do you work to build to the story of the music, or just blindly apply a couple of formula processes that you saw on a 10 Tipz n Trix Tut on YouTube?
  • Does your Gig say you offer a radio-ready mix: if so does that actually include all the things that should be there or do you make the person pay extra for these things?

Or maybe that is already there. For surely the sane buyer must realize that if this person really has the fancy studio they show in their pics that sucks about $15 of electricity a day, and a quality mix takes at least 4 hours to do, <$50 is proof that their advert is the most creative thing they have done, or will ever do.


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You are not new here so I guess you already know the answer.

Order samples from couple of candidates and select the best to move on with project.

There is no “look at the profile, description, portfolio, reviews - get quality work” here on Fiverr. Every seller is lottery ticket.


Shoot, this is the word I couldn’t think of! One seller had the same template drawing as the $20 ones but at 150 + dollars.


@gina_riley2 mutual friend who once made whiteboard videos has set up a Fiverr account again. But I am not sure they have made any gigs.


There’s already a filter in the search results for whiteboard explainers (and 2d animated explainers) in the “service option” section for “original design”, and in the gig edit section, original design says:

Original Design
Prior to animation, you will design or offer graphics (such as characters, objects and backgrounds) that you have created yourself. This doesn’t apply if you use stock images or templates.

So maybe making sure the “original design” option is checked when searching for gigs in that category will help for this.

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Oh I wasn’t aware it went live.

When I spoke with the category’s manager in February it was still in the planning phase.

That’s great!

That means they are now ahead of schedule!


It rolled out on a same day when they “improved” category.

Now I was struck there too because for whiteboard I use custom, original and template depending on the budget, but for kinetic I use templates. And all is one gig.