Customary Boring Cricket Thread - For Emmaki


Who will win the Test match between India and Bangladesh? This is the first match Bangladesh has ever played in India since their introduction to Test cricket 15 years ago. Don’t understand why this has taken so long when the two countries are next door neighbors. Anyway, India 200 for 2 right now, pitch looks very docile, so expect an India win or a draw.


Every boring thread needs a boring meme to make it more boring to attract Emmakis. Here.


Crickets in costumes, what´s not to like.

I’d say India, based on my extensive knowledge of cricket, of course, not on your post. <.< Are there statistics on fouls in ‘real matches’ vs. test matches btw, and is there a ranking table of number of fouls based on nationality?


Well, at least I got a German to talk about cricket…


I like how the title gets more brazen every time. But since we all know that Emmaki is the most calm and affable person to have ever walked the earth, she is not going to be fazed at that tag at all, at all, I’m telling you. The Buddhist monasteries are actually contemplating the use of ‘Emmaki’ as the metric system equivalent to measure calmness of mind.

Dalai Lama : How many Emmakis calm are you?

I’m 7/10 Emmakis calm.

Okay, you need to be at least 9/10 Emmakis calm.

@miiila there’s no fouls/ yellow card/ red cards in cricket.


Hm, I read that there are rules and fouls though, but right, if there are no yellow/red cards, it must be a boring game :wink:


It’s played in 80% of the world, so yeah, you’re right. It must be boring as hell.


Figures. About 80% of all people around the world are boring. (/me thinks to myself I´ll be out of this thread before I´ll get tarred and feathered for German dry humour and general uncricketness and go read the Kicker copy laying around on the kitchen table instead. :wink: Well okay, actually I’m thinking to myself I should be working, so I´ll do just that. I´ll keep tabs on this thread so I can learn more about cricket though, promise!)