Custome VS Direct Order? Any Difference?


Hi everyone.
I want to know whether this makes any difference if you send a custom offer to a buyer or if he place a direct order to you. Because someone said to me on fiverr that custom orders do not up rank your gig in the search while if a buyer search your gig and place the order, thats definitely going to boost your gigs. I dont think so it is correct. Is it true? can someone guide me?


My gut is you want to find a new “someone” to provide guidance. :wink:

From direct experience AND messages from Fiverr, you get more sales if you send custom offers. It makes it easier for people to order when they just have an “Accept Offer” button.

Fewer choices/decisions and higher sales rates compared to people you tell to “go order my gig”.

I’m not sure where they get “boosts your gigs” via direct orders compared to custom offers.

Maybe I missed something but I’ve never seen that, either written anyplace or discussed. If more people order from you (which does happen via custom offers) you have a chance for more sales/reviews, which would boost your gigs over time.

It’s possible I’m missing something.


Thanks For your reply. Yeah same thing i was thinking. Like i dont think so that makes any difference. but the person itself is a reliable one. So thats why i thought may be he is right.