Customer ask in the inbox that he want to see my portfolio?


can fiverr give the persission that i send my portfolio link to customer in the inbox??


What platform is it on? Only some are approved by Fiverr.


its flicker portfolio


Fiverr is usually ok with Flickr portfolios, as long as there are no contact details in there.


can it send here to check it is valid?


This forum is run by Fiverr users, so the rules are slightly different here compared to the main site.

Is it possible to upload the images to a PDF file and send that to the buyer?

I mean, Fiverr is usually ok with Flickr, but the problem is Support isn’t always on the same page. People come to the forum occasionally to report horror stories, even though they’ve followed Fiverr’s rules.


ok i understand. thank’s alot.


You could include a link to your portfolio in your gig description. If Fiverr doesn’t like it for whatever reason, they’ll just take it down.


Here is the link




can i send my link to customer through inbox message?


Keep your portfolio clean and you’ll be fine, yeah.