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Customer asked for revision, no reply for weeks

The issue I am dealing with right now is simple, I was provided a keyword, I was told to choose whatever topic I want, then once I deliver, suddenly the topics are not ok, and the content doesn’t match the customer’s expectation. That’s all he said with the revision.

I sent the updated articles, however there’s no reply, I believe I sent more than 15 messages within the past few weeks trying to get a hold of this person. He enters Fiverr, sees the messages, but doesn’t reply.

What would you guys do in this situation?


As a fellow writer…I would pull the pin.

You know, request to cancel the order as that should generate a response of some kind.

Frustrating otherwise, isn’t it?


If you delivered after 3 days it should be auto completed?
Just send updated articles in delivery and ask for constructive feedback with details if revision is needed.

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After I posted here, I asked for a cancellation.

He was online as soon as I requested that, then went away.

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That’s what I’ve been asking for weeks now. I don’t believe delivering the content again will end well.

Did you ask for constructive feedback or did you ask:

Hello youandyou,

Here are your files in attachment as per your initial requirements.
If you need revision, please see the link Word Lists in Oxford Learner's Dictionaries | and send me the keywords you would like me to use. Try to be as specific as possible so I can deliver you new revised document promptly and effectively.

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I asked what was wrong, what he dislikes and what can be improved.

I even asked if he wants more statistics or anything related to the content.

I even offered to redo the articles, if he provides topics he likes.

No reply to anything. As I said, he just requested a revision without any details, and no matter what I say and what I offer, he enters Fiverr, sees the message within a few hours or a day, and no reply.

I’ve been here for 7+ years and this is my first time seeing this type of customer.

Oh, so it is that time of the decade for you, to get one of those.

I still think you should have delivered, if he is not responsive maybe he will also not leave a review.

But maybe you actually did dodge the bullet.

Well he didn’t accept the cancellation or anything. So most likely I have to wait 2 days. Ever since he placed the order he never said anything, just requested a revision with no details. While I hate the idea of canceling due to an unresponsive person, as you said, most likely I am dodging a bullet. Thank you for your replies @marinapomorac!!

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Buyers for some reason like to leave you hanging. Sometimes they need someone else to approve the work before they can accept it. It seems like he is avoiding accepting the work from you since he won’t reply. But it probably is better to cancel it, otherwise who knows how long it would go on like this. I had created an ebook for a buyer who was intent on giving me ideas for the book cover (which I had done twice) and she said she liked the final product but it was her birthday and she was going out of town. After that I just kept getting excuses. After 3 weeks I redelivered the product to her, letting her know that I can still make changes to the format if she needs it, but I need to clear my queue since her order was done. She never responded back and it cleared after 3 days.

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I will try to send the new version of my work to him, and see whether he replies.

Hopefully he does. If not, I will dodge a bullet. Clearly he is active on Fiverr.

I would prefer not to cancel, since today I just got a dude forcing me to work on academic content without even asking first. Then immediately after I said this is against the rules, he started with threats that he will report me to Fiverr and he will forcefully cancel from there.

The glamorous life of a freelancer I guess.

Well, good luck. Hopefully, he doesn’t respond and the order closes in 3 days. That way you get paid for your work and don’t have to deal with him anymore. I’m all for providing good customer service, but I hate it when people waste my time for no good reason.

True, but I risk a negative review and usually with that you get things like being removed from search for a while.

I had a similar order like this earlier this month…

Unfortunately you’re going to have to pick your poison with this one. Either you cancel the order and don’t get paid for the work you’ve already completed. Or wait for the order to complete and then your on time stats will go down.

This is another reason why Fiverr needs to reconsider their bias against sellers, this stuff is completely out of our control.

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I shared some revisions (that I could think of because he never stated what’s not ok), again no reply. The order should cancel within 6-7 hours. I am quite sad to deal with a random cancellation like this, but like others said, I prefer to dodge a bullet.

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It’s a lose lose situation, I don’t blame you.

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