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Customer asked to edit their Review - I get a warning from Fiverr

Pretty straight forward. Customer messaged me saying that they made a mistake on their feedback and for me to change it. I told them we would need Fiverr CS to help. I created a request in the resolution center to ‘modify feedback’. In the notes I put. “Customer is requesting to change feedback due to error. Customer ******, this is the form you requested to modify negative feedback”. Customer updates their feedback, next day I get an Official warning from Fiverr, warning me about soliciting positive reviews from customers.

Now in hindsight, I can see where the Fiverr bot may see the line of “modify negative feedback” as me asking them to change it. However, this is not the case. I messaged Fiverr CS to let them know of the mistake. No surprise to receive a canned response letting me know about Fiverr ToS warnings in general.

Since the day of the warning my Fiverr search generated business has fallen by about 50%. I waited 2 weeks to see if any changes, but none. I still have my repeat customers and my marketed customer orders, but the Fiverr generated traffic is still a large chunk of my Fiverr business. Lesson to you sellers out there, be careful how you word your messages. Especially when you have no ability to have a human being review it.


Hey, Logan!

Yeah, that totally sucks especially, if the Buyer initiated the feedback revision. :confused: So, at this point submitting a feedback revision request to CS will land us Sellers in hot :sweat_drops: water and get dinged for it. Just great! :roll_eyes:


It sounds like Fiverr is just letting the automated system take control and giving canned responses because they don’t want to be bothered with. Not a good way to handle customer service, as it depresses seller and buyers’ morale.

I don’t see how Fiverr will sustain itself by allowing an automated system to continue run rampant and dinging people who are abiding by the rules. Perhaps they need to tweak the automated system and push it to a higher threshold… IMO.


If they are using canned responses sounds like we are paying them too much


I’m ok with a canned response every now and then, depending on circumstances. However, I am NOT ok if I have no option to have someone physically look at it.


I’m not totally against automation, but when it comes to certain things like Fiverr’s “rules,” then the company should not be relying so heavily on it.

Therein lies the problem. The company IS relying too heavily on it and its CS staff is not really looking at the ticket and just skimming the complaint and giving a canned response.

Again, it’s what I’ve been observing the last few months from forum posters and the system itself.

It’s a flawed system that needs reworking immediately.


Yup! I don’t like it at all. :triumph: What makes it more bogus, is how can it be feedback manipulation if it’s not investigated thoroughly by a human first? Falsely accusing Sellers of such a pathetic crime is unjust.


I had a similar situation a few months ago, when a buyer blatantly lied about their experience with me, in their review. I used the request feedback modification and simply asked them to give an “honest” review - one that accurately rated our communication and if I had done the work as described in my gig (which I had done both professionally as stated)… and told them that if they wouldn’t buy or recommend again - that it was understandable based on personal results. But … because they didn’t get the results they were looking for from my gig (which were vastly unreasonable) they marked all three rating categories a 1 star, which was simply dishonest, and not truly reflective of how our experience was, up until delivery.

I got that same red warning, that stayed on my account analytics for 30 days.

I asked CS about it – wanting them to review and point out where I solicited a good review, to no avail. They simply reiterated the TOS, and marked my ticket as “resolved”.

Needless to say - I am reluctant to use that tool again… and am wondering why it’s even there?:expressionless::no_mouth:


Out of curiosity… did you see your sales/impressions/search etc drop afterwards? And if so, how long did you see that last? 30 days?

Not that I noticed logan! I just couldn’t get away from that red line on my analytics page lol :rofl::expressionless:

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All of this CS canned thing sounds so unprofessional… so basically, we are inside a boat where AI rules. Fiverr meets The Matrix.

Do you miss the old good times? When you can pick up the phone, make a call, and talk with actual, real people? What a luxury nowadays…


did you respond to the warning in zendesk to try and get the issue escalated to a human?

Unbelievable, so why is Fiverr now charging the additional $2 from the Fiverr balance as well? They said it was “for Customer Support”, so they should do the exact opposite and provide real customer support.


I think, that’s the nature of support. $2 is just for increase their revenue and keep away cheap buyers, Who was buying $5 gig most of the times. nothing else!!.

I think by ‘customer support’ Fiver means: ‘Rent in Soho.’

I think it is clear that ‘free’ services like And & Co (which don’t seem to benefit Fiverr sellers in any way) might be being subsidized by Fiverr. In fact, I can’t even remember what the other service is now. - Some kind of freelancer resource center?

The moralle issue cited by @emeraldawnn, really needs to be taken into consideration here. - In regard to both sellers AND buyers. It seems like every fee hike and other stealth tax, results in new and unnecessary add-on features and services, many of which come with drastically limited customer service and increased seller penalization.

Buyers are going to feel the crunch more than sellers long-term. Namely thanks to:

  • More sellers being reluctant to take on certain buyers
  • Increased admin time leading to sellers reigning in service offerings
  • Buyers (like me today) simply feeling a bit miffed and experimenting with other freelance platforms to hire sellers (on many of which you can find sellers whom also sell on Fiverr)
  • Fewer buyers advocating Fiverr as trustworthy (2 x significant fee increases in 2-years + shopping cart removal. - That leaves a sourer taste in the mouth than a WWII ration pack)
  • Clear evidence on the Fiverr forum and other discussion platforms, that even some of Fiverr’s most celebrated sellers don’t like working on Fiverr any more

In short, what we have here is some wizard putting Fiverr’s brand identity, trust, and PR into a food blender without a lid on and hoping for the best.

Fingers crossed!


I found a other platform called “Hireer”


Do you know, I don’t contact CS most of the time on issue - I avoid to contact CS for resolve the issue, Because they always favour buyers and penal the sellers :wink:

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Yep, if all we get is canned responses you just need someone who knows how to push a button.


I’m not sure if this image will come through but I was thinking about what Steveeyes said… about someone pushing a button. If not, then c’est la vie.



The only problem with that place is that the competition looks far too fierce…