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Customer asking for a modification - completely different to my gig

A customer has asked for a modification. My gig was speak in an enthusiastic British accent.

The response was that they liked it. But they then asked me to supply another in a completely difference accent.


Hi. Thanks a lot for your respond! It was nice, and very helpful with the clear breaks between paragraphs. However I have some slight modifications I’d like to request. I’d like an accent in style of, or as close as possible to, Danny Dyer (reference:

). Furthermore, a bit higher tempo, enthusiasm and emphasis on the words in italic. I hope it’s possible – Let me know if I need to buy another gig. Best regards!"

I asked them to buy another gig (I don’t a cockney accent in another gig) but they haven’t. This gig is now marked as rejected and I can’t be paid - but they have the completed work. What can I do? It seems really unfair that I have done my bit to a satisfactory level but am now unpaid because the buyer can just request a mod!!!

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