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Customer asks for gigs i don't offer

hi, so I’m new to the community and I posted a gig to do translations, so this person hits me up saying they wanna work with me - at this point i’m pretty excited - but then this person starts asking me if i’m a good dancer and all this weird stuff. Can someone tell me what’s up with that because that was weird.

Just ignore it. I get lots of strange messages. I just say “ok” and forget about them.

it was just so creepy man

Well it’s the internet so you do get creepy stuff at times especially when you have a full body picture, not that you are at fault in any way.

@misscrystal is right. The internet is full of creeps, and his request has nothing to do with translation. He just wants to see you dance for his own gratification. If it were me, I would have issued a cutting message and a link to an (expensive) cam site before reporting and deleting the message. You don’t have to talk to this creep at all.

If I were you, I’d even issue the cutting message in patois and got my biggest, scariest looking man friend to say it in video :smiley:

In short, f*** da creeps. But in the way they don’t like it.

A face picture would eliminate most of this.

I have to agree with the others all around. It isn’t your fault and there are weirdos anywhere online. The thing is, someone may be just “off” enough to mistake what you might be willing to do based on your gig images, though, so you could reduce the chances. Your profile “picture” looks like a professional style logo. I saw that your translation gig images include the full body picture as well as a sunset/boat picture, etc.

While there isn’t anything wrong with that, it doesn’t really say “professional translator/proofreader” but a creep person might decide it means romantic getaway with a pretty lady. For better sales and less problems, why not put a facial photo either on your profile or part of a gig image, but make the primary content of your gig photos about what you really do. Display some sample work or at least images that make people think about what your gigs are about.

Just send him a million dollar custom offer for it. There’s no chance he would accept it. But if he does (in the dream world), hire a dancer, pay her the appropriate amount, you take the commission.

lol, emmaki that’s hilarious. Thanks for the advice about the picture guys, I will definitely adjust it.