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Customer being very rude

Hey Fiverr community, hope you are doing great. This is my first thread and I am really sad that this got to be the topic that i am writing about.

I recently started freelancing on fiverr as a side hobby and this is my second project in a presentation design gig. The customer asked me to make slides for his gameshow.

He wanted 3 slides and he was paying me 30$ for it. Now, I delivered my work within 2 days but the client has been very rude in his language from the start.

He has asked me for 4 revisions in just 2 days and everytime he asks for revisions, he starts by telling me how my work is not right and unimpressive. The guy asked me to view his instagram channel to get an idea regarding the slides. I made a slide template based on that channel and he ended up bashing that work.

He isn’t clear about the kind of slides and animations that can be done on Google slides nor is he clear about the work that he wants. He’s very vague and disrespectful.

Since this would be my first rating, I am very scared that I don’t want to mess it up even when I am accomodating him and offering him revisions. What should I do now?

Personally, I would’ve put my foot down early on, if you’ve delivered work on time that is up to the standard that it is on your profile and within the scope of the order, and even after 4 revisions the work still isn’t “right”, it sounds like the buyer is taking advantage of you being so worried about the rating. I’d charge for the next revision and make sure he describes what he’s after correctly, but that’s just me. Good luck!


Hey so the update on that order was that after 7 days of cotinuous revisions, the buyer says to me that I should animate a random image from google chrome and paste it on slides. This is something that is not possible and if it is then i don’t know how to. Anyways, I told him that this is the case, he takes the image from me and leaves the order on delivered. The order gets marked completed after 3 days and is still unrated. Is there anyway I can report such a buyer after he put me through all this.
I am a newbie and this was my first order so it meant a great deal to me

If you think the buyer was very rude to you you can create a support ticket for it or you can report the messages that were very rude (there’s a report option when you put the mouse over a message in the inbox). Don’t report them for not reviewing the order as they don’t have to review it.

It blows my mind how brazen jerk buyers are. He flat out asked you to plagiarize – Wow. I’m sorry.

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You can give him a poor review as a Buyer but that can backfire on you if they decide to get revenge - which sadly is highly likely from what you have said.

So while they deserve a serve, probably better to take the money and Block this person so they cannot buy from you again.

Also, and this should be the big take-away: spot the signs of a bad client sooner and have the courage in yourself to stop them. Ideally, before there is a contract in-place. Bad manners is always a huge Red Flag. You said you saw it but did nothing. Vikings will always be Vikings and never good customers because Vikings only understand stealing - even if they try to hide their axes in silk gloves they show themselves as thieves are infinitely lazy.


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good luck brother. things like this sometimes happen

Sometimes, i get some client who don’t gave enough information and bug me again and again.
It’s happens because all person are not same.

This. Sellers need to be proactive, not just reactive.


Absolutely Right!
I also keep this in my mind.