Customer booking wrong amount of words assuming a discount without asking


Hi dear fiverr community!

I was having this customer who just booked my translation gig.
The word count requested to translate would cost $175, but the customer assumed a discount because he/she bought once (!) before and without asking me just booked the same gig for $100.

My question is: Let’s say after sending an additional offer for the missing $75 and after the customer just ignored all my requests, I deliver only a translation for the paid $100 and then receive a bad review from this customer: Can customer support remove this review, as I am clearly in the right here and the victim? Does anyone have similar experience and how was the outcome in the end?

Thank you for your time and expertise!


Why not consider cancelling? Usually with buyers that have their own will regarding your work and efforts, the output is not always the best as much as we try to communicate and comfort them.


How do you know they assumed a discount, did they say that?
Many buyers struggle to understand the packages/word count stuff on translation gigs - I get it all the time, people ordering way too much or too little. I usually wait for their response or cancel the order.

Support will not remove a review in the situation you mention, regardless of whether you are the “victim” (really?) or not.


I would prefere giving the customer time until the end of the deadline to book the additional offer before cancelling. I see cancellation as a last resort.


This is exactly what you should do. There is no question about the fact.

Yes. Sellers have this kind of experience every day and whether you cancel or take the hit with a bad review, you can not win.

The worst thing you can do, though, is cancel. This will adversely affect your Fiverr ratings, search ranking, and business continuity. A poor review won’t, especially if you say: “This buyer was upset that I would not include $75 of extra work FOC. If you expect to be able to choose your own price, please do not order from me.”


Yes the buyer stated in the order requirements that he/she already booked in the past and if I do those documents for only $100 (weird to ask if you booked it already for that amount.) It’s like asking someone if he wants to go to see your products while pushing him into your shop.

I mean the word count of this translation is 3500 words but the buyer just stated 2000 words (to get to the desired price he/she wanted to book it for). In my eyes this is an awfully bad business practice.

So if the fiverr support wont remove such a review, what justifies the 20% they take from every order?
Concerning your question if I am the victim here: I would say if going into a shop, taking a product and only paying 50% of it, the police would consider the vendor being the victim. Especially if the vendor gives the customer only 50% of the product because the customer only paid 50% and then the customer out of revenge sprays something on the shop to convince future customers that the shop is bad. Where I come from this kind of practice can lead to high fines or prison time, but maybe in Fiverr-Land this is different?



Thanks a lot for the advice! I will proceed then as you suggested and it totally makes sense.
It’s kind of sad though that this is the norm.
You are totally right about the review. Thank you a lot!


I agree you are in the right, my query was over the use of the word “victim” which seems a little like you are blowing this out of proportion.
The client has paid too little. You can cancel the order or not - your decision.
If you choose to only do the paid for 2000 words then the buyer can review. They may do a negative review which would be unfair but the reality is that anyone can review any business, even without buying there. No fines, no prison time, just the way things work.
This is an issue for you to deal with, its between you and your client, nothing to do with customer support. As for their 20%, where did the client come from? What site are you using? etc.


From my own humble experience, putting your foot down is important as it deters events like this from recurring.


I should add, though, that I get at least 1 person a week ask for extra work FOC. Usually, it’s a case of: “We need 1,000-words (not 500-like a buyer has paid for) and if this goes well, we will order regularly.”

Now I rarely even try to negotiate with the buyer. I just deliver 500-words and leave orders like that. Very few buyers then ask for revisions or do anything other than leave a 5-star review. Conversely, when I do send custom offers or politely say: “Hey, sorry, this isn’t how I work,” buyers launch into crazy offenses telling me how I am overpriced, not a good business person, need to understand that there are thousands of other sellers on Fiverr etc…

Just deliver what has been paid for and IF the buyer goes bananas because they can’t eat at the gig buffet for the price of a stick of gum, slam a custard pie in their face when it comes to review time.



You are totally right about putting the foot down!
Thank you for the encouragement and I agree that there are many customers that think they will get a better price if they offer you work on a regular basis (I am already drowning in work and don’t need those false promises).
I love your attitude, please keep it up! Sellers like you are what keeps this platform from total decay!