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Customer cancel the complete order

Ione of my client put the order and after that, when I complete his order he makes an order dispute but i cancel that one, and I deliver his product on time. the money all so clear but now he cancels that order. is it possible I haven’t any idea what am I do ?

Contact fiverr support with all proofs of fully delivered order

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How can a buyer cancel a completed order? Like how that person able to cancel the order? Via Fiverr CS ???

Thanks for sharing. I didn’t realise.

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It’s all in a topic that I wrote and attached above :point_up_2:

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Yep, I had read that.
I want to ask how buyer initiated a chargeback through their payment method? They just cancel their transaction or got problem with your payment?

Sorry newbie question :sweat_smile:

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:thinking: I’m horrible at explaining simple things, I guess that’s why I will never be a calligraphy teacher.

But let me try (even though google can do a better job than me). PayPal and credit cards allow to file a charge back if you can prove that seller didn’t deliver something. Mostly it’s opening a dispute and both sides can provide proofs. And that’s the point where if you reach out to fiverr with all proofs of delivered work then fiverr might be able to win that case and get your money back.
But again, if you want to know how chargebacks work you can ask google almighty :wink:

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Anyone can file a dispute with their credit card company or Paypal. They can make any sort of untrue claim they want.

This is a necessity in online business. If not for this, no one would trust enough to ever buy anything online. So the downside is that some people cheat and lie and file a dispute when they shouldn’t.

This is part of the “cost of doing business” that all businesses, and self employed people take on, since they assume this is going to happen now and then.

Fortunately, in many of these cases, fiverr pays us back and puts the funds back into our earnings.

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