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Customer can't download completed files

We sell xactimate esx files. We have added them to the orders box and the customer cannot download them. Seems we are able to fill orders but your system doesn’t allow for us to complete within the parameters of the website. We basically have violate fiver rules by sending outside of your system to complete an order which I don’t feel comfortable with however, it’s the only way.
Please advise


Violations of the rules usually end up with warnings or even worse… It’s not your fault if the buyer can’t download the files, you can always contact support if that happens and let them know about the issue.

This is just a copy paste from Fiverr Help.

If the file you are delivering is too big or you are experiencing other technical limitations, you may use alternative methods to send a file (e.g. Dropbox, etc.).

You may find it useful next time.

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yeah they aren’t too big. The file isn’t supported.

It’s the limitations of Fiverr software. They only want a few types uploaded.

using winzip would help , there’s no need to communicate outside Fiverr

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