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Customer chose the wrong option on my gig

Hi! So, today something really weird happened. I deliver translation services on fiverr and one of my gigs offers a translation of 400 words in less than 24 hours. But today, a client ordered that same gig, but the document she sent had 3000 words, and I don’t have the time to deliver it until tomorrow because I have other translations in my hands. How did this happen? Did she do it on purpose? Can they just send in whatever document they want and expect me to deliver it super fast? Meanwhile, the countdown is still going strong, I already messaged her but she doesn’t reply and I already made a request to expand the time. What else can I do?


Sometimes buyers do not read the gig description. :roll_eyes:

Sometimes buyers will send the wrong number of words on purpose in hopes that a seller will do the work in spite of the discrepancy in the number of words because the seller may fear to ruin their stats because of a cancellation.

You can send your buyer a custom offer for the balance of the order, you can go to the resolution center and cancel it. I am sorry this happened to you.


Hi! I know what you’re going through. It’s hard to decide or act when you’re under pressure. Most potential customers don’t read your Gig’s description. They only buy expecting you to do what they ask you to do because they’re paying you and they don’t care about the specifications you put in. In that case the best thing would be to talk to the client, tell them that you can’t do that in such a short time (and for such a small amount of money, if that’s the case) and tell them that they should accept that you need more time/money to do it.

There are some customers who do not pay attention to the messages that are sent in the orders section so you have to write to them through the chat you normally use, since those messages they send reach their emails, while those in the orders section do not. Some may not know very well how Fiverr works and therefore do not respond. They may also have placed the order by mistake, it’s a matter of finding out why the customer is with you.

If after finding out why they don’t respond or if you manage to get an answer from them and reject everything I told you or had no idea that I had paid in the wrong place, you should consider canceling the order by mutual agreement. If you don’t do it, you may hurt yourself more than if you cancel it, either because of a bad review, physical exhaustion, etc.

All this I say from my own experience, I hope it will be very helpful!

Greetings, blessings and many successes!

Yes, this is such a bummer! Thank you for your advice!

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I’m kind of new to fiverr so I’m just realising these things right now, it’s such a shame if they really think we are just here to do whatever they want any time they want. Thank you for your advice!

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If I was you I’d just translate the first 400 words of the document. She might have just wanted the first 400 first as a demo

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I would use the Resolution center to try and amend how much they are paying you. There is an option when you use this to say that the “Buyer Requested Work that is Not offered in this Gig” or something to that effect. I think you can also choose to adjust the price. Either way, you can try using this as your first method of dealing with them, and if they think you are supposed to deliver more words than they paid for, then, you may end up canceling unfortunately. I would NOT deliver more than what your Gig states. While I do not know the intention of this client, there are some buyers who will try to get around what your Gig states you will do, in order to get more than they paid for. Even if you are new, do NOT tolerate this - some buyers specifically look for new sellers whom they think they can manipulate. I also would not just send the first 400 words, as this may make them upset and they will give you a low rating. A low rating is harder to overcome than a cancellation. It can also have the buyer running to complain to Fiverr that you did not deliver a full order and that can get you an account warning, even though, you are not in the wrong here.



I have read on the Forum where sellers who did this had the buyer complain to CS that the seller delivered an incomplete order. I would not do this. :confused:


I agree 100%. I have read of cases where sellers received ToS warnings for incomplete deliveries even when the buyers were clearly in the wrong (cuz they had ordered more words than the gigs offered).

That’s the sad reality. :frowning: :confused:


I had a look to the Gig. It’s impossible miss the point because the “Basic” Gig description says “up to 400 words”.

But there is another problem: the packages have the word count field, so a buyer can enter whatever number of words. If someone enters “3000” the result is the following:


A question for @catarinafonseca: what package would you buy?


How does that even happen? I do not see a place in my packages where I can offer the buyer the option to adjust the number of words they want?

@vickiespencer The option that @pacquo was referring to only shows up when you have a gig extra set up for additional words. Since it looks like you have not set up a gig extra for additional words, your gig will not show your buyers that option. :slight_smile:

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You need to deliver the 3000 words. I say that because the price difference amounts to a whopping $8 that you would receive between what the top and bottom packages are.

Your packages need some revising in a few ways.


I was wondering how sellers did that. But I kind of like not having it, because if my buyers have a different number of words then they have to contact me and I have less “order by mistake orders.”


Yes, not only because of the rates but specially because of the delivery time.

In the example given by @pacquo, @catarinafonseca would have to deliver those 3000 words within 24 hours, as that would be the best deal on that example.

Being so, imagine if 2 buyers decide to place 2 orders at the same time with such amount of words to be translated (6000 words)… :cold_sweat: :persevere:


It’s so frustrating when buyers exploit you or pretend that they didn’t mean to exploit you.

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