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Customer complaint question?


I have a flyer gig, where I write content for flyer for $5 and formatting is extra. Customer ordered a form from me and got nasty when I did not format form him the way he wanted. i am going to fix it so I don’t get a negative review, but ??? what do you thnk?



Well, after another nasty gram I told him to cancel the order. All of the buyers on this gig so far have just wanted the wording, one guy had a graphics guy and another didn’t write english well…and was opposite and said I don’t understand why you are offering tips, all we want is the correct words(this is before I got level one) But thanks for your suggestions, I am going to go take a look at the wording on this again, so it doesn’t happen again! Sometimes I guess it takes a booboo before we get better grrr!


I think that is the way it goes in this business. Not good for you, I agree, but make sure you clarify in your description that formatting is extra and see if it goes smother in the future.

As a side note, and not to rag on you or anything, but isn’t the flyer kinda useless without some sort of formatting? I would offer basic formatting as part of the gig and then have fancy formatting as an option or revisions as an option or something like that.


I agree with beatcraigslist, but instead of including more work for the 5, I’d retitle the gig as “content for your promotion materials” or something similar that doesn’t imply more than just written copy.

Best of luck, katylady77!


Reply to @beatcraigslist: I do Make it printable for a plain, text only flyer, Make it attractive,centered etc. This man did not specify that he wanted boxes added and check marks etc…I had to take an adobe picture and format it for word, shrink it to fit in the left corner etc…I wish he had been more specific! I would have advised him to order the extras…


Reply to @katylady77: OK, I got it now. That makes sense. It seems that you have a reasonable product that you are providing and this person was being unreasonable. In a case like this I guess you just have to tweak the language of your gig a little bit and see if you can find some way to eliminate this problem in the future. Rest assured though that no matter what you do there will always be unreasonable people.